AEROSMITH 「Get Your Wings」

エアロスミス 「飛べ!エアロスミス」

 1.Same Old Song And Dance(S.Tyler-J.Perry)
 2.Lord Of The Thighs(S.Tyler)
 4.Woman Of The World(S.Tyler-D.Solomon)
 5.S.O.S.(Too Bad)(S.Tyler)
 6.Train Kept A Rollin'(T.Bradshaw-L.Mann-H.Kay)
 7.Seasons Of Wither(S.Tyler)
 8.Pandora's Box(S.Tyler-J.Kramer)

AEROSMITH 「Toys In The Attic」

AEROSMITH 「Toys In The Attack」

 1.Toys In The Attic(S.Tyler&J.Perry)
 2.Uncle Salty(S.Tyler&T.Hamilton)
 3.Adam's Apple(S.Tyler)
 4.Walk This Way(S.Tyler&J.Perry)
 5.Big Ten Inch Record(F.Weismantel)
 6.Sweet Emotion(S.Tyler&T.Hamilton)
 7.No More No More(S.Tyler&J.Perry)
 8.Round And Round(S.Tyler&B.Whitford)
 9.You See Me Crying(S.Tyler&D.Solomon)

Produced by Jack Douglas



 1.Back In The Saddle(S.Tyler&J.Perry)
 2.Last Child(S.Tyler&B.Whitford)
 3.Rats In The Cellar(S.Tyler&J.Perry)
 5.Sick As A Dog(S.Tyler&T.Hamilton)
 6.Nobody's Fault(S.Tyler&B.Whitford)
 7.Get The Lead Out(S.Tyler&J.Perry)
 8.Lick And A Promise(S.Tyler&J.Perry)
 9.Home Tonight(S.Tyler)

Produced by Jack Douglas and Aerosmith

AEROSMITH 「Nine Lives」

AEROSMITH 「Nine Lives」

 1.Nine Lives(Tyler-Perry-Frederiksen)
 2.Falling In Love(Is Hard On The Knees)(Tyler-Perry-Ballard)
 3.Hole In My Soul(Tyler-Perry-Child)
 4.Taste Of India(Tyler-Perry-Ballard)
 5.Full Circle(Tyler-Rhodes)
 6.Something's Gotta Give(Tyler-Perry-Frederiksen)
 7.Ain't That A Bitch(Tyler-Perry-Child)
 8.The Farm(Tyler-Perry-Hudson-Dudas)
10.Kiss Your Past Good-Bye(Tyler-Hudson)
12.Attitude Adjustment(Tyler-Perry-Frederiksen)
13.Fallen Angels(Tyler-Perry-Supa)

Produced by Kevin Shirley

THE JOE PERRY PROJECT 「I've Got The Rock 'n' Rolls Again」

THE JOE PERRY PROJECT 「I've Got The Rock 'n' Rolls Again」

 1.East Coast, West Coast(C.Farren)
 2.No Substitute For Arrogance(J.Perry-C.Farren)
 3.I've Got The Rock 'n' Rolls Again(J.Perry-C.Farren)
 4.Buzz Buzz(D.Hull-C.Karp-A.Resnick)
 5.Soldier Of Fortune(J.Perry)
 6.TV Police(J.Perry-C.Farren)
 7.Listen To The Rock(C.Farren)
 8.Dirty Little Things(D.Hull)
 9.Play The Games(J.Perry-C.Farren)
10.South Station Blues(J.Perry)

Produced by Bruce Botnick

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