ALAN JACKSON 「Don't Rock The Jukebox」

ALAN JACKSON 「Don't Rock The Jukebox」

 1.Don't Rock The Jukebox(Alan Jackson, Roger Murrah, Keith Stegall)
 2.That's All I Need To Know(Alan Jackson, Jim McBride)
 3.Dallas(Alan Jackson, Keith Stegall)
 4.Midnight In Montgomery(Alan Jackson, Don Sampson)
 5.Love's Got A Hold On You(Keith Stegall, Carson Chamberlain)
 6.Someday(Alan Jackson, Jim McBride)
 7.Just Playin' Possum(Alan Jackson, Jim McBride, Gary Overton)
 8.From A Distance(Alan Jackson, Randy Travis)
 9.Walkin' The Floor Over Me(Alan Jackson, Don Sampson)
10.Working Class Hero(Alan Jackson, Don Sampson)

Produced by Scott Hendrics and Keith Stegall

ALAN JACKSON 「A Lot About Livin' (And A Little 'Bout Love)」

ALAN JACKSON 「A Lot About Livin' And A Little 'Bout Love」

 1.Chattahoochee(Alan Jackson, Jim McBride)
 2.She's Got The Rhythm(And I Got The Blues)(Alan Jackson, Randy Travis)
 3.Tonight I Climbed The Wall(Alan Jackson)
 4.I Don't Need The Booze(To Get A Buzz On)(Toni Dae, Joy Swinea)
 5.(Who Says)You Can't Have It All(Alan Jackson, Jim McBride)
 6.Up To My Ears In Tears(Alan Jackson, Don Sampson)
 7.Tropical Depression(Alan Jackson, Jim McBride, Charlie Craig)
 8.She Likes It Too(Zack Turner, Tim Nichols)
 9.If It Ain't One Thing(It's You)(Alan Jackson, Jim McBride)
10.Mercury Blues(Robert L. Gaddins, K.C. Douglas)

Produced by Keith Stegall
except 3 Produced by Keth Stegall and Scott Hendricks

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