ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 「Songs From Ally McBeal Featuring Vonda Shepard」

サウンドトラック 「アリーmyラブ」

 1.Searchin' My Soul
 2.Ask The Lonely
 3.Walk Away Renee
 4.Hooked On A Feeling
 5.You Belong To Me
 6.Wildest Times Of The World
 7.Someone You Use
 8.End Of The World
 9.Tell Him
11.Will You Marry Me?
12.It's In His Kiss
13.I Only Want To Be With You

Produced by Vonda Shepard

ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 「Heart And Soul New Songs From Ally McBeal Featuring Vonda Shepard」

サウンドトラック2 featuring ヴォンダ・シェパード 「アリー・myラブ〜ハート・アンド・ソウル〜」

 1.Read Your Mind
 2.100 Tears Away
 3.Someday We'll Be Together
 4.To Sir With Love
 5.Sweet Inspiration
 7.Vincent(Starry Starry Night)
 8.What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted
 9.World Without Love
11.Baby, Don't You Break My Heart Slow
12.This Is Crazy Now
13.This Old Heart Of Mine(Is Weak For You)
14.I Know Him by Heart
15.Hidden Persuasion<Bonus Track>

Produced by Vonda Shepard
10, 11, 12 Produced by Vonda Shepard and Mitchell Frrom
1, 2 Produced by Mitchell Froom and Vonda Shepard

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