V.A. 「Burning Ambitions」

V.A. 「バーニング・アンビションズ」

 1.Pretty Vacaont - SEX PISTOLS
 2.Boredom - BUZZCOCKS
 3.Gary Gimore's Eyes - ADVERTS
 4.Baby, Baby - VIBRATORS
 5.Lock It Up - EATER
 6.The Wait - KILLING JOKE
 7.Flares And Slippers - COCKNEY REJECTS
 8.Stranglehold - UK SUBS
 9.Love Song - THE DAMNED
10.Holiday In Cambodia - DEAD KENNEDYS
11.Dead Cities - EXPLOITED
12.Never Again - DISCHARGE
13.Sick Boy - G.B.H.
14.No Security - CHAOS UK
15.She Goes To Finos - TOY DOLLS
16.Viva La Recolution - ADICTS

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