CAECILIE NORBY 「Caecilie Norby」

セシリア・ノービー 「セシリア・ノービー」

 1.Wild Is The Wind(Lyrics:Ned Washington/Music:Dimitri Tiomkin)
 2.A Brand New Life(Lyrics:Caecilie Norby/Music:R.Brecker)
 3.Girl Talk(Lyrics:Bobby Troup/Music:Neil Hefti)
 4.I've Been To Town(Lyrics&Music:Rod McKuen)
 5.Summertime(Lyrics:Ira Gershwin/Music:George Gershwin)
 6.By The Time I Get To Phoenix(Lyrics&Music:Jim Webb)
 7.All You Could Ever Want(Lyrics:Caecilie Norby/Music:Chick Corea)
 8.Gentle Is My Love(Lyrics:Bill Schluger/Music:Don Raye)
 9.A Feather In The Wind(Lyrics:Caecilie Norby/Music:Billy Hart)
10.Night Road(Lyrics:Tamra Rosanes/Music:Niels Lan Doky)
11.Man's Got Soul(Lyrics&Music:Curtis Mayfield)
12.So It Is(Lyrics:Caecilie Norby/Music:Don Grolnick)

Produced by Niels Lan Doky

CAECILIE NORBY 「My Corner Of The Sky」

セシリア・ノービー 「マイ・コーナー・オブ・ザ・スカイ」

 1.The Look Of Love(B.Bacharach/H.David)
 2.The Right To Love(L.Schiffrin/G.Lees)
 3.Set Them Free(Sting)
 5.African Fairytale(W.Shorter/C.Norby)
 6.Life On Mars(D.Bowie)
 7.Spinning Wheel(D.C.Thomas)
 8.What Do You See In Her(Weldon/H.David)
 9.Just One Of Those Things(C.Porter)
11.A Song For You(L.Russell)
12.Calling You(B.Telson)
13.Guess Who I Saw Today(Grand/Boyd)<Japanese Bonus Track>

Produced by Caecilie Norby & Neils Lan Doky
except 3, 4 Produced by Caecilie Norby & Lennart Ginman

CAECILIE NORBY 「Queen Of Bad Excuses」

CAECILIE NORBY 「Queen Of Bad Excuses」

 1.Cuban Cigars(L.Danielsson/C.Norby)
 3.Psyko Pippi(C.Norby)
 4.Everyone Beneath The Sun(C.Norby)
 6.Thick Blue Glass(C.Norby)
 7.Newborn Broken(L.Danielsson/C.Norby)
 9.Remember Rosa(C.Norby)
10.Himalaya's Bijou(C.Norby)
11.Meet The Monotone(C.Norby)
12.Our Day Will Come(C.Norby)

Produced by Caecilie Norby & Lars Danielsson

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