THE CHARLATANS 「Some Friendly」

THE CHARLATANS 「Some Friendly」

 1.You're Not Very Well(Baker, Blunt, Brookes, Burgess, Collins)
 2.White Shirt(Blunt, Burgess, Collins)
 3.The Only One I Know(Baker, Blunt, Brookes, Burgess, Collins)
 4.Opportunity(Blunt, Brookes, Burgesss)
 5.Then(Blunt, Brookes, Burgess, Collins)
 6.109 Pt2(Blunt, Brookes, Burgess, Collins)
 7.Polar Bear(Baker, Blunt, Brookes, Burgess, Collins)
 8.Believe You Me(Blunt, Brookes, Burgess, Collins)
 9.Flower(Baker, Blunt, Burgess, Collins)
10.Sonic(Brookes, Burgess, Collins)
11.Sproston Green(Baker, Blunt, Burgess, Collins)

Produced by Chris Nagle

THE CHARLATANS 「Between 10th And 11th」

ザ・シャーラタンズ 「ビットゥイーン・10th・アンド・11th」

 1.I Don't Want To See The Sights(M.Blunt, J.Brookes, T.Burgess, M.Collins, R.Collins)
 2.Ignition(M.Blunt, J.Brookes, T.Burgess, M.Collins, R.Collins)
 3.Page One(M.Blunt, J.Brookes, T.Burgess, M.Collins, R.Collins)
 4.Tremelo Song(M.Blunt, J.Brookes, T.Burgess, R.Collins)
 5.The End Of Everything(M.Blunt, J.Brookes, T.Burgess, M.Collins, R.Collins)
 6.Subtitle(M.Blunt, J.Brookes, T.Burgess, M.Collins, R.Collins)
 7.Can't Even Be Bothered(M.Blunt, J.Brookes, T.Burgess, R.Collins)
 8.Weirdo(M.Blunt, J.Brookes, T.Burgess, R.Collins)
 9.Chewing Gum Weekend(M.Blunt, J.Brookes, T.Burgess, M.Collins, R.Collins)
10.(No One)Not Even The Rain(M.Blunt, J.Brookes, T.Burgess, R.Collins)
11.Me. In Time<Bonus Track>
12.Occupation h. Monster<Bonus Track>

Album Produced and Mixed by Flood

THE CHARLATANS 「Tellin' Stories」

ザ・シャーラタンズ 「テリング・ストーリーズ」

 1.With No Shoes
 2.North Country Boy
 3.Tellin' Stories
 4.One To Another
 5.You're A Big Girl Now
 6.How Can You Leave Us
 7.Area 51
 8.How High
 9.Only Teethin'
10.Get On It
11.Title Fight
12.Two Of Us
13.Rob's Theme
14.Two Of Us<Bonus Track>
15.Reputation<Bonus Track>

All songs written by M.Blunt, J.Brookes, T.Burgess, M.Collins, R.Collins

Produced by The Charlatans and Dave Charles
7 Produced by The Charlatans, Dave Charles and Ric Peet
11 Produced by The Charlatans and Ric Peet

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