COLDCUT 「Let Us Play!」

コールドカット 「レット・アス・プレイ」

 1.Return To Margin
 2.Atomic Moog 2000(Post Nuclear Afterlife Lounge Mix)
 3.More Beats + Pieces(Daddy Rips It Up Mix)
 5.Pan Opticon
 6.Music 4 No Musicians
 7.Noah's Toilet feat. SALENA SALIVA
 8.Space Journey
10.Every Home A Prison feat. JELLO BIAFRA
11.Cloned Again
12.I'm Wild About That Thing(The Lost Sex Tapes Position I)

Produced by Coldcut
5 Produced by Coldcut and Outer Bongolia
9 Produced by Coldcut and Hexstatic
12 Produced by Coldcut & Steinski & Mass Media
2 Remix and Addtional Destruction The Herbaliser

COLDCUT 「Sound Mirrors」

コールドカット 「サウンド・ミラーズ」

 1.Man In A Garage
 2.True Skool featuring
 3.Just For The Kick
 4.Walk A Mile In My Shoes
 6.A Whistle And A Prayer
 7.Everything Is Under Control
 9.Aid Dealer
10.This ISland Earth
11.Colours The Soul
12.Sound Mirrors
13.The State We're In<Bonus Track for Japan Only>
14.Just For The Kick(Version 1)<Bonus Track for Japan Only>

Produced by Coldcut

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ