COURTNEY PINE 「Journey To The Urge Within」

コートニー・パイン 「Courtney Pine」

 1.Miss Interpret(Courtney Pine)
 2.I Believe(Courtney Pine)
 3.Peace(Horace Silver)
 4.Dolores(Wayne Shorter)
 5.As We Would Say(Courtney Pine)
 6.Children Of The Ghetto(Chris & Eddie Amoo)
 7.When, Where, How And Why(Courtney Pine)
 8.C.G.C.(Courtney Pine)
 9.Seen(Courtney Pine)
10.Sunday Song(Courtney Pine)

Produced by Michael Cuscuna
except 6 produced by Roy Carter

COURTNEY PINE 「The Vision's Tale」

コートニー・パイン 「ヴィジョンズ・テイル」

 2.In A Mellow Tone(Ellington/Gabler)
 3.Just You, Just Me(Klages/Greer)
 4.A Raggamuffin's Stance(C.Pine)
 5.There Is No Greater Love(Jones/Symes)
 7.I'm An Old Cowhand From The Rio Grande(J.Mercer)
 8.God Bless The Child(A.Herzog Jr./B.Holliday)
 9.And Then(A Warrior's Tale)(C.Pine)
10.Our Descendant's Descendants(C.Pine)
11.CP's Theme(C.Pine)
12.C Jam Blues(D.Ellington)
13.Giant Steps(J.Coltrane)

Produced by Delfeayo Marsalis

COURTNEY PINE 「Closer To Home」

コートニー・パイン 「クローサー・トゥ・ホーム」

 1.Get Busy(C.Pine/R.Lyn/C.Browne/D.Browne)
 2.Blue Tide(C.Pine/R.Lyn/C.Browne/D.Browne)
 3.I Don't Care(C.Pine/D.Donaldson)
 5.Be Mine Tonight(C.Pine)
 6.I'm Still Waiting(Deke Richards) feat.CARROLL THOMPSON
 7.Closer To Home(C.Pine/R.Lyn/C.Browne/D.Browne)
 8.Never Be Lonely(C.Pine/D.Donaldson)
 9.In Time(All Will Know)(C.Pine)
10.Home Song(C.Pine/D.Donaldson)

Produced by Augustus "Gussie" Clarke
Co-produced by Courtney Pine
except 6 Produced by COurtny Pine and Aswad

COURTNEY PINE 「Within The Realms Of Our Dreams」

コートニー・パイン 「レルムス・オブ・アワ・ドリームス」

 2.The Sepia Love Song
 3.Una Muy Bonita
 4.Donna Lee
 5.Up Behind The Beat
 6.Time To Go Home
 7.Delfeayo's Dilemma
 8.Raggamuffin And His Lance
 9.A Slave's Tale

All Songs Written by Courtney Pine
1, 6 by traditional, arranged by C.Pine
3 by O.Coleman
4 by C.Parker
7 by W.Marsalis
Produced by Delfeayo Marsalis

COURTNEY PINE 「To The Eyes Of Creation」

コートニー・パイン 「アイズ・オブ・クリエイション」

 1.The Healing Song(C.Pine)
 3.Country Dance(B.Thompson)
 4.Psalm(Trad, arr.C.Pine)
 5.Eastern Standard Time(D.Drummond/J.Mitto/L.Brivett/L.Knibbs/R.Alphonso/L.Sterling/J.Moore/T.McCook/J.Haymes)
 7.The Meditation Of Contemplation(C.Pine)
 8.Life Goes Around(Music by C.Pine/Lyric by J.Roberts)
 9.The Ark Of Mark(Interlude)(M/Mondesir)
10.Children Hold On(Music by C.Pine/Lyric by L.Muriel)
11.Cleopatra's Needle(C.Pine)
12.Redemption Song(B.Marley)
13.The Holy Grail(C.Pine)
 b)The Mantra

COURTNEY PINE 「Modern Day Jazz Stories」

COURTNEY PINE 「Modern Day Jazz Stories」

 1.Prelude - Water of Life
 2.The 37th Chamber
 3.Don't 'Xplain
 4.Dah Blessing
 5.In the Garden of Eden (Thinking Inside of You)
 6.Creation Stepper
 7.After The Damaja<UK ONLY>
 9.Each One (Must) Teach One
10.Unknown Warrior (Song Fo My Forefathers)
11.I've Known Rivers
12.Outro -Guiding Light
13.Prince Of Peace<UK ONLY>

All Tracks written, arranged, programmed, and produced by Courtney Pine
3 written by Billie Holiday
5 written by Courtney Pine/Stanley Clarke
11 written by Gary Bartz

COURTNEY PINE 「Underground」

COURTNEY PINE 「Underground」

 1.Intro - Inhale
 2.Modern Day Jazz
 3.Tryin' Times
 4.Oneness Of Mind
 5.Invisible(Higher Vibe)
 6.The Book Of ...(The Dead)
 7.Children Of The Sun
 8.The In-Sense Song
 9.Silver Surfer
11.Outro - Xhale
12.Save The Children

All tyracks written, produced, arragned, and programmed by Courtney Pine
3 written by Donny Hathaway, Leroy Hutson
4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Co-Produced by Sparkl
3 Co-Produced by DJ Pogo

COURTNEY PINE 「Another Story」

COURTNEY PINE 「Another Story」

 1.I've Known Rivers(4 Hero Remix, Vol1)
 2.Don't X'Plain(Flytronix Mix)
 3.Tryin' Times(Peshay Remix)
 4.The 37th Chamber(Flytronix Mix)
 5.The In-Sense Song(Raw Deal Mix)
 6.Tryin' Times(Headstrong Vocal Mix)
 7.I've Known Rivers(Pressure Drop Rivers Run Deeper Mix)
 8.Tryin' Times(Attica Blues Remix)
 9.Don't X'Plain(Attica Blues Head Knod)
10.Don't X'Plain(Roni Size Remix)
11.The In-Sense Song(The Mighty Strinths Remix)
12.I've Known Rivers(4 Hero Bossa)

1, 12 Remix and Additional Production by 4Hero
2, 4 Remix and Additional Production by Flytrinix
3 Remix and Additional Production by Peshay
5 Remix and Additional Production by Raw Deal
6, 9 Remix and Additional Production by Attica Blues
7 Remix and Additional Production by Pressure Drop
8 Remix and Additional Production by Prime Thought
10 Remix and Additional Production by Roni Size
11 Remix and Additional Production by The Mighty Strinths


コートニー・パイン 「バック・インザ・デイ」

 1.Intro-Search(Courtney Pine)
 2.The Jazzstep(Courtney Pine)
 3.Hardtimes(Curtis Mayfield)
 4.Brotherman(Courtney Pine)
 5.Keep It Real(Courtney Pine)
 6.Interlude-Straight Ahead Hip Hop(Courtney Pine)
 7.Lady Day And (John Coltrane)(Gil Scott-Heron)
 8 My Father's Place(Courtney Pine)
 9.Yeah Yeah(Courtney Pine)
10.Interlude-Quartet No 1(Courtney Pine)
11.Inner State(Of Mind)(Courtney Pine)
12.Power To The People(Courtney Pine)
13.Love And Affection(Joan Armatrading)
14.Third Man(Courtney Pine)
15.Outro-Meditate(Courtney Pine)
16.All I Do(Stevie Wonder)<Bonus Track>



 1.Intro - Release
 2.Sister Soul
 4.Bless The Weather with DAVID MCALMONT
 5.Interlude - The Saxophone Song
 9.Interlude - Karma(With Respect To Pharaoh Sanders)
10.When The World Turns Blue with CARLENE ANDERSON
11.Everyday Is Everyday(Malak-I Remix)
12.Outro - With All My Love
13.When The World Turns Blue(4 Hero Remix)<Bonus Track>
14.When The World Turns Blue(Malak-I Remix)<Bonus Track>

All Music Composed, Arranged, Produced, Pro Tools and Mixed by Courtney Pine
4 written by J.Martin
10 written by Joe Sample/Will Jennings

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