キャロン・ウィーラー 「UKブラック」

 1.UK blak
 2.Livin' In The Light (Remix)
 3.Blue (Is The Colour Of Pain)
 4.No Regrets
 5.This Is Mine
 6.Don't Quit
 8.Never Lonely
 9.Song For You
13.Kama Yo
14.Livin' In The Light (The Original Story)
15.Burn Inside<Japanese CD Bonus>

1 Produced by Carl MacIntosh
2 Remix by Blacksmith
3 Produced by Mark Brydon
4, 5 Produced by Blacksmith
6, 9 Produced by Jimmy "Senya" Haynes
7, 12 Produced by Steely & Clevie
8, 13 Produced by The Twilight Firm
10 Produced by Derek Johnson
11 Produced by Raymond Simpson
14 Produced by Afrika Baby Bam of The Jungle Brothers

CARON WHEELER 「Beach Of The War Goddess」

キャロン・ウィーラー 「戦いの女神の海辺」

 1.Respect To The Motherland
 2.In Our Love
 3.I Adore You
 5.Gotta Give It Up
 6.Beach Of The War Goddess
 7.Soul Street
 8.Lite As A Feather
 9.Need A Man
11.Naughty Eyes
12.Wind Cries Mary
13.Do You Care?
14.Land Of Life
15.In Our Love(Club Remix)

1, 7, 8, 10 Produced by Caron Wheeler
2, 9 Produced by Heavy Love
3 Produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis
4 Produced by Jazzie B & Caron Wheeler
5, 11 Produced by Mike Bennett
6, 12, 14 Produced by Derek Johnson
13 Produced by Keith Crouch

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ