CE CE PENISTON 「The Best Of Ce Ce Peniston」

シー・シー・ペニストン 「ベスト・オブ・シー・シー・ペニストン」

 1.Finally(Classic Funk Mix)
 2.Keep On Walkin'
 3.Crazy Love(Kenlou 12")
 4.I'm In The Mood(East 87th Street Mix)
 5.We Got A Love Thang
 6.Somebody Else's Guy(David Morales Classic Old Skool Radio Edit)
 7.Looking For A Love That's
 8.Keep Givin' Me Your Love
 9.Movin' On
10.Hit By Love(Def Classic 12" Mix)
11.If It Should Rain
12.Finally(12" Choice Mix)
13.Somebody Else's Guy(Tuff Jam Classic Garage)

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