CHINA CRISIS 「Working With Fire And Steel」

チャイナ・クライシス 「ファイア・アンド・スティール」

 1.Working With Fire And Steel
 2.When The Piper Calls
 3.Hanna Hanna
 4.Animals In Jungles
 5.Here Comes A Raincloud
 6.Wishful Thinking
 7.Tragedy And Mystery
 9.The Gates Of Door To Door
10.The Soul Awakening

All Songs Composed by Garry and Eddie
All Songs Produced by Mike Howlett

CHINA CRISIS 「What Price Paradise」

CHINA CRISIS 「What Price Paradise」

 1.It's Everything
 2.Arizona Sky
 3.Safe As Houses
 4.Worlds Apart
 5.Hampton Beach
 6.The Understudy
 7.Best Kept Secret
 8.We Do The Same
 9.June Bride
10.A Day's Work For The Dayo's Done

All songs composed by China Crisis
except 4 by China Crisis with Kevin Kelly
Produced and Recorded by Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley

CHINA CRISIS 「Diary Of A Hollow Horse」

CHINA CRISIS 「Diary Of A Hollow Horse」

 1.St. Saviour Square
 2.Stranger By Nature
 3.Sweet Charity In Adoration
 4.Day After Day
 5.Diary Of A Hollow Horse
 6.Red Letter Day
 7.In Northern Skies
 8.Singing the Praises Of Finer Things
 9.All My Prayers
10.Age Old Need
11.Back Home

All lyrics written by G.Daly
except 10 written by G.Johnson
All songs written by Daly/Lundon/Johnson/Wilkenson/MacNeill

1, 6, 9 Produced by Mike Thorne
2 Produced by Walter Becker and China Crisis
3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11 Produced by Walter Becker

CHINA CRISIS 「Warped By Success」

チャイナ・クライシス 「ワープ」

 1.Everyday The Same
 2.Thank You
 3.Hard To Be Around
 5.Hands On The Wheel
 6.One Wish Too Many
 7.Wishing Time
 8.Real Tears
 9.Good Again
10.Without The Love
11.Does It Pay
12.The Way We Are Made
13.Tell Me What It Is

1, 3, 4, 8, 9, 11 written by Gary Daly
2, 5, 7 by Eddie Lundon
6, 10, 12 by Daly/Lundon
13 by Daly/Lundon/Mark Phythian

Produced by Terry Adams, Eddie Lundon & Gary Daly

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