THE CHRISTIANS 「The Christians」

ザ・クリスチャンズ 「ザ・クリスチャンズ」

 1.Forgotten Town(H.Priestman)
 2.When The Fingers Point(H.Priestman)
 3.Born Again(H.Priestman)
 4.Ideal World(H.Priestman/M.Herman)
 5.Save A Soul In Every Town(H.Priestman)
 6....And That's Why(H.Priestman)
 8.One In A Million(H.Priestman)
 9.Sad Songs(H.Priestman/M.Herman)
10.Forgotten Town(H.Priestman) (12" Dub Version)
11.When The Fingers Point(H.Priestman) ( 12" Remix)
12.Why Waltz(H.Priestman)

Produced and engineered by Laurie Latham


クリスチャンズ 「カラー」

 1.Man Don't Cry(H.Priestman)
 2.I Found Out(H.Priestman)
 3.Greenbank Drive(H.Priestman)
 4.All Talk(H.Priestman)
 5.Words(Music:Traditional, Arrangement:Priestman/Lyrics:Priestman)
 6.Community Of Spirit(G.Christian)
 7.There You Go Again(H.Priestman)
 8.One More Baby In Black(H.Priestman)
 9.In My Hour of Need(H.Priestman)

Produced and engineered by Laurie Latham


クリスチャンズ 「ハッピー・イン・ヘル」

 1.What's In A Word(Henry Priestman)
 2.Univited Guest(Garry Christian)
 3.Garden Of Love(Russell Christian)
 4.Say It Isn't So, Pt.2(Henry Priestman)
 5.Father(Garry Christian)
 6.The Bottle(Gil Scott Heron)
 7.Storms(Henry Priestman)
 8.Slip Away(Russell Christian)
 9.Learn to Love(Garry Christian)
10.Still Small Voice(Henry Priestman)
11.Happy In Hell(Acappella)(Garry Christian/Henry Priestman)

1 Peoduced by The Christians & Martyn Phillips
2, 6 Produced by The Christians & Mark "Spike" Stent
3, 4 The Christians & William Orbit
5, 10 The Christians & Laurie Latham
7, 8, 9, 11The Christians

GARRY CHRISTIAN 「Your Cool Mystery」

ギャリー・クリスチャン 「ユア・クール・ミステイー」

 1.Another Sleepless Night
 2.Still Come Back To Me
 3.Silent Echo
 5.Caged Bird
 6.Your Cool Mystery
 7.Ggreat Big City
 9.Where Are You Now
11.Still Come Back To Me(Live In A Garage)<Bonus Track>
12.I Shall Be Released(Live)<Bonus Track>

All written by G.Christian/A.Wright
except 5, 6, 8 written by G.Christian/A.Wright/O.Barlow

Produced by Andy Wright/Clive Martin/Garry Christian


ロジャー・クリスチャン 「チェックメイト」

 1.Take It From Me(Roger Christian, Dan Hartman)
 2.Checkmate(Roger Christian, Barry Parker, Bob Galvin)
 3.Stop, Strart(Roger Christian, Barry Parker)
 4.Stop Yourself From Falling(James Wrath)
 5.Stay With Me Tonight(Roger Christian, Barry Parker, Tony Griffin)
 6.Loving You Is So Easy(Roger Christian, Dan Hartman)
 7.Chains(James Wrath)
 8.Worlds Apart(Roger Christian, Peter Vale, Miles Waters)
 9.Mwanzia(Roxanne Seaman, Billy Hughes)
10.Love Will Find A Way(Roger Christian, Barry Parker, Bob Galvin)

Produced by Gary Katz

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