CHUCK E. WEISS 「Extemely Cool」

チャック・E・ワイス 「エクストリームリー・クール」

 1.Devil With Blue Suede Shoes(Spyder Mittleman-J.J.Holiday-Marta Thorogood-Chuck E. Weiss)
 2.Deeply Sorry(Chuck E. Weiss-Tony Gilkyson)
 3.Oh Marcy(Chuck E. Weiss-Tony Gilkyson)
 4.Pygmy Fund(Chuck E. Weiss)
 5.It Rains On Me(Chuck E. Weiss-Tony Waits)
 6.Sonny Could Lick All Them Cats(Chuck E. Weiss)
 7.Jimmy Would(Chuck E. Weiss)
 8.Extremely Cool(Chuck E. Weiss)
 9.Just Don't Care(Chuck E. Weiss-J.J.Holiday)
10.Roll On Jordan(Chuck E. Weiss)
11.Do You Know What I Idi Amin(Chuck E. Weiss-Tom Waits)
12.Horseface(Chuck E. Weiss)
13.Rocking In The Kibbitz Room(Chuck E. Weiss)
14.Dead Man's Shoes(Chuck E. Weiss)<Bonus Track>
15.Oo-poo-pa-do In The Rebop(Chuck E. Weiss)<Bonus Track>

Produced by Tony Gilkyson, Tom Waits, George Howard, Mike Hutchinson, Chuck E. Weiss

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ