CINNAMON 「Summer Meditation」

CINNAMON 「Summer Meditation」

 1.Vox Revisited
 2.I Wanted It, But Now I'm Not So Sure Anymore
 4.London Town
 6.Me As Helen Of Troy
 8.Secret Lover
10.I Can't Recall
11.Hopeless Case
12Take Me(Out Tonight)
13.The Man On Your Street<Bonus Track for Japan>
14.Take My Love<Bonus Track for Japan>
15.Backwards(Acoustic)<Bonus Track for Japan>
16.The Playwright<Bonus Track for Japan>

All songs written by Cinnamon
Produced by Cinnamon
3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12 Co-Produced by Graham Lewis
13 Co-Produced by Carl-Michael Herrlofsson

CINNAMON 「A Northwest Passage」

シナモン 「ノースウェスト・パッセージ」

 1.Girl On The Boat(Haapalainen/Novak)
 2.Brand New Start(Diesen/Novak)
 3.A Northwest Passage(Diesen/Novak)
 4.Hearts Can Heal(Diesen/Novak)
 5.The Missing Persons File(Diesen/Novak)
 6.Another Girl On The Boat(Haapalainen/Novak)
 7.Heavenly Option(Diesen/Novak)
10.Clara Vs. Jezbel, Emilia Vs. Constance(J.Mann)
11.Life Isn't Long Enough For Heaven(Duet with CELESTE)(Diesen/Novak)
12.Baby Shining Bright(Diesen/Novak)<Bonus Track For Japan Only>

Produced by Cinnamon

CINNAMON 「The Courier」

CINNAMON 「The Courier」

 1.Girl On The Boat
 2.Hopeless Case
 3.Me as Helen Of Troy
 4.Missing Persons File
 5.And Suddenly Clarity
 6.The Promenade
 7.A Northwest Passage
 9.I Wanted It, But Now I'm Not So Sure Anymore
10.Baby Shining Bright
11.Heavenly Option
12.Secret Lover

All songs written by F.Diesen and J.Novak
except 1 written by J.Novak and J.Haapalainen
Produced and arranged by J/Novak
except 5 Produced by J.Novak and Elliot Easton

CINNAMON 「Vertigo」

シナモン 「ヴァーティゴ」

 1.I Used To Be Your Loneliness
 3.Did You Think I Would Ever Let You Go?
 4.Take Your Tim
 5.Stars Collide
 6.World oF Crime
 7.A Few Grains Of Sand For Working Your Whole Life
 9.Maybe In The Next Life
10.March Of The Cinnamons
11.More Than You Bargained For
12.Angel Eyes
13.Springti,e Of My Life<Bonus Trak for Japan>

All songs writtewn by Diesen/Novak
Produced by Bertrand Burgalat and Novak

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