CORDUROY 「Dad Man Cat」

CORDUROY 「Dad Man Cat」

 2.Long Cool & Bubbly
 3.The Girl Who Was Death
 4.How To Steal The World
 5.Frug In G Major
 6.Electric Soup
 8.Happy Palmer
10.Skirt Alert
11.Six Plus One
12.Money Is
13.Something In My Eye(Mo'Music Version)<Bonus Track for Japan>

Produced by Corduroy and E.Piller
Engineered by John Laker

CORDUROY 「High Havoc」

コーデュロイ 「HIGH HAVOC」

 1.High Havoc
 2.London England
 3.The Corduroy Orgasm Club
 4.The Frighteners
 5.You're A Great Way To Fly
 6.Something In My Eye
 7.Lovely Lonely and Loaded
 8.Breakfast In Love
 9.One Born Every Minute
10.Follow That Arab
11.Nobody Move
12.Very Yeah
13.Clearing Up Music
14.10:28 From Shibuya<Bonus Track>

All songs written by Corduroy
except 6, 14 written by Ben and Scott

Produced by Ben and Scott
except 6 Produced by Ben and Scott and Edward Piller

CORDUROY 「Out Of Here」

コーデュロイ 「OUT OF HERE」

 1.Don't Wait For Monday
 2.Practice What You Preach
 3.Red Mercury
 4.End Of The Rainbow
 5.Out Of Here
 6.Dice Man
 7.Magic Carpet
 8.January Woman
10.Along The Rooftops
11.Ayrton Senna
14.Paper Money<Bonus Track>
15.Simon's Tune<Bonus Track>

CORDUROY 「The New You!」

コーデュロイ 「ニュー・ユー!」

 1.Evolver(Nelson-Smith, Addison, Addison)
 2.The Joker Is Wild(Searle, Addison, Addison)
 3.Winky Wagon(Addison, Addison)
 4.Supercrime(Addison, Addison)
 5.You Got Me(Addison, Addison)
 6.Designosaur(Addison, Addison)
 7.The Hand That Rocks The Cradle(Addison, Addison)
 8.(I Know Where The)Good Times(Have Gone)(Addison, Addison)
 9.In A Galaxy Far,Far Away...(Nelson-Smith, Addison, Addison)
10.Crossfire(Searle, Addison, Addison)
11.Fisherman's Wharf(Addison, Addison)
12.The New You(Addison, Addison)
13.The Crazy World Of Arthur C.Clarke(Nelson-Smith, Addison, Addison)

All tracks produced by Ben, Scott & Ricky Ricketts


コーデュロイ 「クリック!」

 1.The Addison Tapes(Music:Addison/Addison)
 2.Goddamn(Words:Searle, Music:Addison/Addison)
 3.New Seeker(Words:Searle, Music:Addison/Addison/Nelson-Smith)
 4.Future High Street(Words:Searle/Playford, Music:Playford/Corduroy)
 5.Paddy & Keir(Music:Addison/Addison/Nelson-Smith)
 6.Safety Light(Words:Searle, Music:Searle/Addison/Addison)
 7.Thing For Your Love(Words & Music:Addison/Addison)
 8.Moshi Moshi(Music:Addison/Addison)
 9.Play Loud(Words & Music:Corduroy:Playford)
10.The Lawgiver Bleeds!(The Hasslein Curve Mix)(Music:Addison/Addison)
12.Impossible Smile(Words:Searle, Music:Addison/Addison/Nelson-Smith)<Bonus Track for Japan>
13.Apple Pipe(Words:Searle, Music:Addison/Addison/Nelson-Smith)<Bonus Track for Japan>
14.Beginning To See The Light(Words & Music:Lou Reed)<Bonus Track for Japan>

All songs produced and engineered by Rob Playford,
Assisted by Luke Gordon, Pete Hoffman, Sie & Gavin Johnson
10 Produced by Corduroy and Sie, Assisted by Greg Fleming and Jeremy Campbell

CORDUROY 「The Fabric Four」

コーデュロイ 「ザ・ファブリック・フォー」

 2.How To Steal The World
 3.Electric Soup
 4.Skirt Alert
 5.Something In My Eye
 6.High Havoc
 7.The Corduroy Orgasm Club
 8.The Frighteners
 9..Breakfast In Love
10.Very Yeah
12.Ayrton Senna
14.Clockwork Man
16.Season Of The Rich
17.The Hand That rocks The Cradle
18.Beginning To See The Light<Japanese Bonus Track>

1, 2, 3, 4 Produced by Corduroy and E.Piller
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 Produced by Ben & Scott
14 Produced by Corduroy
15, 16, 17 Produced by Ben, Scott & Ricky Ricketts
18 Produced by Corduroy & Sie

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