COUNTING CROWS 「August And Everything After」

COUNTING CROWS 「August And Everything After」

 1.Round Here(Words:Adam Duritz/Music:Dave Janusko, Dan Jewett, Chris Roldan & David Bryson)
 2.Omaha(Words&Music:Adam Duritz)
 3.Mr.Jones(Words:Adam Duritz/Music:Adam Duritz&David Bryson)
 4.Perfect Blue Buildings(Words&Music:Adam Duritz)
 5.Anna Begins(Words:Adam Duritz/Music:David Bryson, Marty Jones, Toby Hawkins, Lydia Holly&Adam Duritz)
 6.Time And Time Again(Words:Adam Duritz/Music:David Bryson, Charlie Gillingham, Steve Bowman, Don Dixon &Adam Duritz)
 7.Rain King(Words:Adam Duritz/Music:Adam Duritz&David Bryson)
 8.Sullivan Street(Words:Adam Duritz/Music:Adam Duritz&David Bryson)
 9.Ghost Train(Words&Music:Adam Duritz)
10.Raining In Baltimore(Words&Music:Adam Duritz)
11.A Murder Of One(Words:Adam Duritz/Music:Adam Duritz, Matt Malley &David Bryson)

Produced by T-Bone Burnett

COUNTING CROWS 「Recovering The Satellites」

カウンティング・クロウズ 「リカヴァリング・ザ・サテライツ」

 2.Angels Of The Silences
 3.Daylight Fading
 4.I'm Not Sleeping
 5.Goodnight Elisabeth
 6.Children In Bloom
 7.Have You Seen Me Lately?
 8.Miller's Angels
 9.Another Horsedreamer's Blues
10.Recovering The Satellites
13.Long December

COUNTING CROWS 「This Desert Life」

カウンティング・クロウズ 「ディス・デザート・ライフ」

 1.Hanginaround(Words:Adam F. Duritz/Music:Adam F.Duritz, Dan Vickrey, Ben Mize, David Bryson)
 2.Mrs. Potter's Lullaby(Words/Music: Adam F.Dutritz)
 3.Amy Hit The Atmoshere(Words/Music: Adam F.Dutritz)
 4.Four Days(Words/Music: Adam F.Dutritz)
 5.All My Friends(Words/Music: Adam F.Dutritz)
 6.High Life(Words:Adam F. Duritz/Music:Adam F.Duritz, Dan Vickrey)
 7.Colorblind(Words:Adam F. Duritz/Music:Adam F.Duritz,, Charles Gillingham)
 8.I Wish I Was A Girl(Words:Adam F. Duritz/Music:Charles Gillingham, Adam F.Duritz, Counting Crows)
 9.Speedway(Words:Adam F. Duritz/Music:Dan Vickrey, Adam F.Duritz)
10.St. Robinson In His Cadillac Dream(Words/Music: Adam F.Dutritz) 〜 Kid Things

Produced by David Lowery & Dennis Herring


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