DAVID + DAVID 「Boomtown」

DAVID + DAVID 「Boomtown」

1.Welcome To The Boomtown
2.Swallowed By The Cracks
3.Ain't So Easy
4.Being Alone Together
5.Rock For The Forgotten
6.River's Gonna Rise
7.Swimming In The Ocean
8.All Alone In The Big City

Music and Lyrics by David Baewald and David Ricketts
Produced by Favitt Sigerson



 1.A Secret Silken World
 2.The Got No Shotgun Hydra Head Octopus Blues
 4.The Waiter
 5.AIDS And Armageddon
 6.The Postman
 7.A Bitter Tree
 8.China Lake
 9.A Brand New Morning
10.Born For Love

All songs written by David Baerwald
except 1, 8 lyrics by David Baewald, Music by Davids Baerwald and Ricketts

Produced by Bill Bottrell
Co-Produced by David Baerwald
1, 6, 8 Co-Produced by David Baerwald and Dan Schwartz

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