DAWN PENN 「No, No, No」

ドーン・ペン 「ノー・ノー・ノー」

 1.I Want A Love I Can See
 2.I'm Sorry
 3.You Don't Love Me(No No No)(Extended Mix)
 4.Night And Day
 5.My Love Takes Over
 6.The First Cut Is The Deepest
 7.I'll Do It Again
 9.Samfi Boy
10.Keep In Touch
11.My Man
12.Blue Yes Blues
13.You Don't Love Me(No No No)(Remix)

1, 7, 8 Produced by Sly Dunbar
2 Produced and Arranged by Clive Hunt
3, 4, 6, 11, 12 Produced and Arranged by Steely And Clevie
5 Produced by Dylan Powe
9, 10 Produced and Arranged by Geoggrey Chung

DAWN PENN 「Never Hustle The Music」

DAWN PENN 「Never Hustle The Music」

 1.What You Gonna Do
 2.You And Me
 3.Looking For A Lion
 6.Mercy Pon We
 7.Never Hustle The Music
 8.Forgive and Forget
 9.Bobby Wrong
10.It's The More

1, 2, 3, 6, 10 Produced by John Forte/Co-produced by John Shop Fam
4 Produced by D.Dubbie/Co-produced by Vidal Goring
5 Produced by Charlemagne & Co-produced by John Shop Fam
7 Produced by Tony Kelly/Co-produced by John Shop Fam
8 Produced by Vidal Goring & Arden "Keyz" Altino
9 Produced by D.Dubbie
11 Produced by Larry Barris
12 Produced by Vidal Goring/Co-produced by John Shop Fam
13 Produced by Rooster/Co-produced by John Shop Fam

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