BLONDIE 「The Best Of Blondie」

ブロンディ 「軌跡!ザ・ベスト・オブ・ブロンディ」

 1.Heart Of Glass(D.Harry/C.Stein)
 3.The Tide Is High(J.Holt)
 4.In The Flesh(D.Harry/C.Stein)
 5.Sunday Girl(C.Stein)
 7.Hanging On The Telephone(J.Lee)
 9.Picture This(D.Harry/C.Stein/J.Destri)
10.Union City Blue(D.Harry/N.Harrison)
11.Presence Dear(G.Valentine)
12.Call Me(G.Moroder/D.Harry)
14.Rip Her To Shreds(D.Harry/C.Stein)

Produced by Mike Chapman
2, 4, 11, 14Produced by Richard Gottehrer
12 Produced by Giorgio Moroder



 1.Screaming Skin(Lyrics by Deborah Harry and Romy Ashby/Music by Chris Stein and Leigh Foxx)
 2.Forgive And Forget(Lyrics and Music by Chris Stein)
 3.Maria(Lyrics and Music by Jimmy Destri)
 4.No Exit(Lyrics by Jimmy Destri, Deborah Harry, Romy Ashby and Coolio/Music by Jimmy Destri and Chris Stein)
 5.Double Take(Lyrics by Deborah Harry/Music by Chris Stein)
 6.Nothing Is Real But The Girl(Lyrics and Music by Jimmy Destri)
 7.Boom Boom In The Zoom Zoom Room
  (Lyrics by Deborah Harry and Romy Ashby/Music by Clem Burke, Kathy Valentine and Denny Freman)
 8.Night Wind Sent(Lyrics by Deborah Harry and Romy Ashby/Music by Leigh Foxx and Chris Stein)
 9.Under The Gun (For Jeffrey Lee Pierce)(Lyrics and Music by Chris Stein)
10.Out In The Streets(Lyrics and Music by Ellie Greenwich and Jeff barry)
11.Happy Dog (For Caggy)(Lyrics by Deborah Harry and Romy Ashby/Music by Chris Stein)
12.Dream's Lost On Me(Lyrics by Romy Ashby/Music by Chris Stein and Deborah Harry)
13.Divine(Lyrics and Music by Clem Burke and Kathy Valentine)
14.Dig Up The Conjo(Lyrics by Jimmy Destri/Music by Chris Stein, Deborah Harry and Jimmy Destri)

Produced and Recorded by Craig Leon


デボラ・ハリー 「デフ、ダム・アンド・ブロンド」

 1.I Want That Man(Allnah Currie and Tom Bailey)
 2.Lovelight(Chris Stein)
 3.Kiss It Better(Allnah Currie, Deborah Harry and Tom Bailey)
 4.Bike Boy(Deborah Harry and Chris Stein)
 5.Get Your Way(Deborah Harry and Chris Stein)
 6.Maybe For Sure(Deborah Harry and Chris Stein)
 7.I'll Never Fall In Love(Bush and Ward)
 8.Calmarie(Nana Vasconcelo and Mario Toledo)
 9.Sweet And Low(Deborah Harry and Tony C.)
10.He Is So(Deborah Harry and Chris Stein)
11.Bugeye(Deborah Harry and Chris Stein)
12.Comic Books(Mickie Zone,Paul Zone and Armand Zone)
13.Forced To Live(Music by Lee Foxx Lyrics by Deborah Harry)
14.Brite Side(Deborah Harry and Chris Stein)
15.End Of The Run(Deborah Harry and Chris Stein)

Produced and Mixed by Mike Chapman
1, 3 Produced and Mixed by Tom Bailey and Eric "E.T." Thorngren
9 Produced and Mixed by Chris Stein, Toni C, and Deborah Harry
14 Produced and Mixed by Chris Stein and Deborah Harry

DEBORAH HARRY 「Debravation」

DEBORAH HARRY 「Debravation」

 1.I Can See Clearly(Arthur Baker/Tony Mchilwaine)
 2.Stability(Deborah Harry/Chris Stein/Franne Golde/Allee Willis)
 3.Strike Me Pink(Deborah Harry/Anne Dudley/Jonathan Bernstein)
 4.Rain(Leigh Foxx)
 5.Communion(Deborah Harry/Guy Pratt)
 6.Lip Service(Deborah Harry/Tony C.)
 7.Mood Ring(Deborah Harry/Chris Stein)
 8.Keep On Going(Jon Astley)
 9.Dancing Down The Moon(Deborah Harry/Chris Stein)
10.Standing In My Way(Deborah Harry/Leigh Foxx)
11.The Fugitive(Deborah Harry/Chris Stein)
12.Dog Star Girl(Chris Stein/William Gibson)
13.My Last Date (With You)(Bryant/Davis/Cramer)
14.Tear Drops(Calhoun/Golden)

1 Produced by Arther Baker
2, 9, 11, 12, Produced by Chris Stein
3, 7 Produced by Anne Dudley
4 Produced by Jon Astley & Chris Stein
5 Produced by Guy Ptayy
6 Produced by Toni C.
8 Produced by Jon Astley
10 Produced by John Willaims
13 Produced by R.E.M.
14 Produced by Andy Paley

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