ELECTRIBE 101 「Electribal Memories...」

エレクトライブ101 「エレクトライバル・メモリーズ」

 1.Talking With Myself
 2.Lipstick On My Lover
 3.You're Walking(Peeping Tom Mix)
 4.Inside Out
 5.Diamond Dove
 6.Heading For The Nigh
 7.Tell Me When The Fever Ended
 8.Talking 2
 9.Electribal Memories
10.You're Walking (Corporate Def Mix)
11.Talking With Myself (Frankie Knuckles mix) 12" Version
12.Tell Me When The Fever Ended(Larry Heard Mix) 12"version

All tracks written by
1 B.R.Martin/L.A.Fleming/J.J.Stevens/R.Cimarosti/B.J.Nordhoff/L.Schifrin
4 J.Rae
5 B.R.Martin/L.A.Fleming/J.J.Stevens/R.Cimarosti/B.J.Nordhoff/F.Martin

Produced by Electribe 101

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