エリオット・マーフィー 「12<TWELVE>」

 1.The Loser
 4.The Malady And The Medecine
 6.On Elvis Presley's Birthday
 7.Greettings From Sydney
 8.The Price I Pay
 9.The Epicenter
10.Mr Coffee
11.No I...I Couldn't Touch You
12.Automatic Erotic
13.All The Way From Tokyo
14.Bilingual Lover
15.All That Money Can Do
16.You're Gonna Chase Love Away(Max's Kansas City)
17.The Dolly Sisters
18.Sad After Sex
19.Something Like Steve McQueen
20.Where Is My Baby
21.Let It Rain

All songs written by Elliott James Murphy
5, 10, 12, 15, 16, 17, 20 by Elliott James Murphy & Ernie Brooks
19 by Elliott James Murphy, Ernie Broks & R.Schukett
Produced by Elliott James Murphy, Roger Robindore & Ernie Brooks

ELLIOTT MURPHY 「Selling The Gold」

ELLIOTT MURPHY 「Selling The Gold」

 1.Love To America
 2.Take Your Love Away
 3.Everything I Do(Leads Me Back To You)
 4.Taste The Good Life
 5.Selling The Gold
 6.Whole New World
 7.Buddy And Peggy Sue
 8.Real Time
 9.Is Fellini Really Dead?
10.Then I'm Gonna Make Love To You
11.King Of The Serpentine

All songs written by Elliott Murphy
Produced by Djoum & Elliott Murphy

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