GARY THOMAS 「By Any Means Necessary」

ゲイリー・トーマス 「バイ・エニ・ミーンズ・ネセサリー」

1.By Any Means Necessary(Gary Thomas)
2.Continuum(Gary Thomas)
3.You're Under Arrest(John Scofield)
4.Potential Hazard(Gary Thomas)
5.To The Vanishing Point(Gary Thomas)
6.Screen Gem(Gary Thomas)
7.Janala(Geri Allen/Greg Osby/Gary Thomas/Nana Vasconcelos)
8.At Risk(Gary Thomas)
9.Out Of Harm's Way(Gary Thomas)

Gary Thomas : Tenor Sax, Flute, Synthesizers
Tim Murphy : Piano, Synthesizers
Anthony Cox : Bass
Dennis Chambers : Drums
Greg Osby : Alto Sax, Synthesizers FH
John Scofield : Guitar @BG
Mick Goodrick : Guitar EG
Geri Allen : Piano, Synthesizers CDF
Nana Vasconcelos : Percussions @ACEFG

GARY THOMAS 「While The Gate Is Open」

GARY THOMAS 「While The Gate Is Open」

1.Strode Rode(Sonny Rollins)
2.Star Eyes(Raye, Del Paul)
3.You Stepped Out Of A Dream(Nacio Herb Brown)
4.The Song Is You(Jerome Kern)
5.Invitation(Bronislaw Kaper)
6.Chelsea Bridge(Billy Strayhorn)
7.On The Trail(Ferde Grofe)
8.Epistrophy(Thelonious Monk)

Gary Thomas : Tenor Sax, Flute
Kevin Eubanks : Guitar @DEG
Renee Rosnes : Piano, Synthesizer ABG
Dave Holland : Bass @ABE
Anthony Cox : Bass CDFG
Dennis Chembers : Drums @ABCDFG

GARY THOMAS 「The Kold Kage」

ゲイリー・トーマス 「コールド・ケイジ」

 1.Threshold(Gary Thomas)
 2.Gate Of Faces(Gary Thomas)
 3.Intellect(Gary Thomas/Joe Wesson)
 4.Infernal Machine(Gary Thomas/Joe Wesson)
 5.The Divide(Gary Thomas)
 6.Peace Of The Korridor(Gary Thomas)
 7.First Strike(Gary Thomas/Joe Wesson)
 8.Beyond The Fall Of Night(Anthony Perkins)
 9.The Kold Kage(Gary Thomas/Joe Wesson)
10.Kulture Bandits(To Be Continued)(Gary Thomas/Joe Lee)

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