THE GODFATHERS 「More Songs About Love & Hate」

ゴッドファーザーズ 「モア・ソングス・アバウト・ラヴ・&ヘイト」

 1.She Gives Me Love
 2.THose Days Are Over
 3.How Low Is Low
 4.Pretty Girl
 5.This Is Your Life
 6.I'm Lost And Then I'm Found
 7.I Don't Believe In You
 8.Life Has Passed Us By
 9.Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues
10.Halfway Paralysed
11.Another You

Produced by Vic Maile


ゴッドファーザーズ 「アンリアル・ワールド〜非現実なせ界〜」

 1.Unreal World(P.Coyne/C.Burrows/C.Coyne)
 2.Don't Let Me Down(C.Coyne/C.Burrows/M.Gibson/P.Coyne)
 3.King Of Misery(P.Coyne/C.Coyne/C.Burrows/M.Gibson/G.Mazur)
 4.Believe In Yourself(P.Coyne/C.Coyne/M.Gibson)
 5.I'll Never Forget What...(P.Coyne/C.Coyne/M.Gibson/C.Burrows)
 6.How Does It Feel(R.Garner/E.Phillips)
 7.Drag Me Down(P.COyne/C.Burrows)
 8.Something About You(C.Coyne/C.Burrows/P.Coyne/M.Gibson)
 9.I Love What's Happenin...(P.Coyne/C.Coyne/M/Gibson/C.Burrows)
10.Can't Try Harder(M.Gibson)
11.This Is War(P.Coyne/C.Burrows/C.Coyne)

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Steve Brown

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