GOLDEN SMOG 「Down By The Old Mainstream」

GOLDEN SMOG 「Down By The Old Mainstream」

 2.Ill Fated(Murphy)
 3.Pecan Pie(Tweedy)
 4.Yesterday Cried(Johnson)
 5.Glad & Sorry(Ronnie Lane)
 6.Won't Be Coming Home(Louris,Olson)
 7.He's A Dick(Johnson)
 8.Walk Where He Walked(Tweedy)
 9.Nowhere Bound(Perlman,Murphy,Johnson)
11.She Don't Have To See You(Paterson,Strickland)
12.Red Headed Stepchild(Murphy,Perlman)
13.Williamton Angel(Johnson)
14.Radio King(Tweedy,Louris)

Produced by James Bunchberry Lane/Golden Smog

GOLDEN SMOG 「Weird Tales」

 1.To Call My Own(Murphy)
 2.Looking Forward To Seeing You(Johnson)
 3.Until You Came Along(Louris)
 4.Lost Love(Tweedy)
 5.If I Only Had A Car(Johnson/Louris)
 8.I Can't Keep From Talking(Tweedy)
 9.Reflections On Me(Murphy)
10.Making Waves(Johnson)
11.White Shell Road(Louris)
12.Please Tell My Brother(Tweedy)
13.Fear Of Falling(Stephens/Louris/Tweedy)
14.All The Same To Me(Sparks/Tweedy)
15.Jennifer Save Me(Louris/Johnson)

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