THE HI-FIVES 「Welcome To My Mind」

HI-FIVES 「Welcome To My Mind」

 1.Welcome to My Mind(Hi-Fives)
 2.Transister Sister(Hi-Fives)
 3.Seven Years(Hi-Fives)
 4.Gone Gone Gone(Childish/Hampshire)
 5.How Narvell Felt(Hi-Fives)
 6.Mr. Moto(Traditional)
 7.You'll Screw the Pooch(Hi-Fives)
 8.Love You Better(Hi-Fives)
 9.I Go Feral in Just 3 Days(Hi-Fives)
11.Humping Away(Hi-Fives)
12.Let's Hear a Cheer(Hi-Fives)
13.Beauty Is the Mind(Hi-Fives)
14.Losing Sleep(Hi-Fives)
15.Out of Control(Childish/Hampshire)

produced by Andy Earnst & the Hi-Fives

THE HI-FIVES 「And A Whole Lotta You!」

THE HI-FIVES 「And A Whole Lotta You!」

 1.It's UP To You
 2.It Begins With You
 3.I'M Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry(Over You)
 4.Time Is Now
 6.All I Want To Know
 7.Words Of Love
 8.Bad Connection
 9.I'll Take You There
10.Say What You Want
11.You Can
12.Black And Blue
13.A Whole Lotta You
16.Tainted Love

All songs by Denery/Imlay
3 by Thomas/Biggs
8 by Clarke
16 by Edward C.Cobb

Produced by The Hi-FIves and Andy Ernst



 1.I'd Be So Pleased
 2.Conversations Like These
 3.She Is The One
 4.Won't Take Much
 5.When You Destroy Our Love
 6.She Makes Me Good
 7.Black Sand Beach
 8.Comtemplating Coups
 9.Back Again
10.Don't You Know?(Now That's a Girl)
11.In The Meantime Please Don't Leave
12.Cat And Comb
13.It Won't Happen To You
14.Class Dismissed

All songs by Denery/Imlay
except 7 by Don Kosaku(Yuzo Kayama)
Produced by Craig Silvey

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