IDHA 「Melody Inn」

IDHA 「Melody Inn」

 1.High Over Hollywood(I.Ovelius)
 2.Red Balloon(Tim Hardin)
 3.From Me To You(Janis Ian)
 4.More Love(Words:I.Ovelius/Music:I.Ovelius-A.P.Bell)
 5.Another Door(Words:I.Ovelius/Music:I.Ovelius-A.P.Bell)
 7.All My Loving(I.Ovelius)
 8.Hickory Wind(Gram Persons and Bob Buchanon)
 9.Get Undressed(I.Ovelius)
10.Safe AT Home(I.Ovelius)
11.Music Carries On(I.Ovelius)
12.I'm Losing More Than I Ever Had<Secret Bonus Track for US Only>

Produced by Brian O'Shaughnessy & Isha Ovelius

IDHA 「A WOman In A Man's World」

イーダ 「ウーマン・イン・ア・マンズ・ワールド」

 1.Ooh La La(R.Wood/R.Lane)
 2.A Song For You(G.Parsons)
 4.Going To Mexico(S.Miller/B>Scaggs)
 5.I'M Losing More Than I'll Ever Have(R.Gillespie/A.Innes/R.Young)

Produced by Idha Ovelius

IDHA 「Troublemaker」

イーダ 「トラブルメイカー」

 1.Sorry Sorry
 2.Always Been With You
 3.Going Down South
 4.Still Alive
 5.Mercy Me
 6.Sweet September Rain
 7.Me And Johnny
 9.Fields Of Avalon
10.Just Moved In

All songs Written by Idha Ovelius
1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10 Produced by Charlie Francis
4, 5, 8 Produced by Idha

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