IAN MATTHEWS 「Valley Hi/Some Days You Eat The Bear And Some Days The Bear Eats You」

IAN MATTHEWS 「Valley Hi/Some Days You Eat The Bear And Some Days The Bear Eats You」

 1.Keep On Sailing(Ian Matthews)
 2.Old Man At The Mill(Trad. Arr. Matthews)
 3.Shady Lies(Richard Thompson)
 4.These Days(Jackson Browne)
 5.Leaving Alone(Ian Matthews)
 6.7 Bridges Road(Steve Young)
 7.Save Your Sorrows(Ian Matthews)
 8.What Are You Waiting For(Randy Newman)
 9.Propinquity(Michael Nesmith)
10.Blue Blue Day(Don Gibson)

Produced by Michael Nesmith

11.Ol' 55(Tom Waits)
12.I Don't Wanna Talk About It(Danny Whitten)
13.A Wailing Goodbye(Ian Matthews)
14.Keep On Sailing(Ian Matthews)
15.Tried So Hard(Gene Clark)
16.Dirty Work(Donald Fagen/Walter Becker)
17.Do I Still Figure In Your Life(Peter Dello)
18.Home(Ian Matthews)
19.Biloxi(Jesse Winchester)
20.The Fault(Ian Matthews)

Produced by Ian Matthews

IAN MATTHEWS 「Spot Of Interference」

IAN MATTHEWS 「Spot Of Interference」

 1.I Survived The 70s(Wilde-Ainsworth)
 2.She May Call You Up Tonight(Browne)
 3.I Cant Fade Away(Matthews-Griffths)
 4.The Hurt(Matthews-Griffths-Metzger)
 5.Driftwood From Disaster(Shear)
 6.Why Am I(Saichek-Metzger-Matthews)
 7.No Time At All (See How They Run)(Matthews-Griffths)
 8.For The Lonely Hunter(Matthews-Nunes)
 9.See Me(Matthews-Griffths-Metzger)
11.What Do I Dot(Matthews-Metzger)

Produced by Sandy Robertson

IAN MATTHEWS 「Walking A Changing Line」

IAN MATTHEWS 「Walking A Changing Line」

 1.Dream Sequence
 2.Standing Still
 3.Except For A Tear
 4.Following Every Finger
 5.Alive Alone
 6.Smell Of Home
 7.On Squirrel Hill
 8.Shadows Break
 9.This Fabrication
10.Lovers By Rote
11.Only A Motion
12.Why Fight

All compositions written by Jules Shear
except 1 written by Fred Simon
Produced by Mark Hallman and Ian Matthews

IAIN MATTHEWS 「Pure And Crooked」

イアン・マシューズ 「ピュア・アンド・クルーキッド」

 1.Like Dominos(Iain Matthews)
 2.Mercy Streer(Peter Gabriel)
 3.A Hardly Innocent Mind(David Surkamp, Douglas Rayburn)
 4.New Shirt(Iain Matthews)
 5.Bridge Of Cherokee(Iain Matthews)
 6.Busbys Babes(Iain Matthews)
 7.Rains Of 62'(Iain Matthews)
 8.Say No More(David Perkins)
9.Perfect TIming(Iain Matthews, Iain Matthews/Mark Hallman)
10.Out Of My Range(Iain Matthews)
11.This Town Lady(Iain Matthews)

Produced by Mark Hallman

IAIN MATTHEWS 「God Looked Down」

IAIN MATTHEWS 「God Looked Down」

 1.The Beat I Walk
 2.God Looked Down
 3.Southern Wind
 4.You'll Know Lightening
 5.Alone Again Blues
 6.This Train
 7.Power Of Blue
 8.Eye Of The Needle
 9.King Of The Hill
10.Trigger Man
11.So Many Eyes
12.If It's Not One Thing It's Another

All songs written by Iain Matthews
Produced by Mark Hallman

IAIN MATTHEWS 「Excerpts From Swine Lake」

 1.Something Mighty
 2.Horse Left In The Rain
 3.Dance Of Fate
 4.Trail Of The Survivor
 6.Cave In
 8.Touching The Fleece
 9.Even If It Kills Me
10.Sight Unseen
11.Where The Big Boss Run
12.Break A Window, Break A Heart

All songs by Iain Matthews
4 by Dougie MacLean

9 by Iain Mathews and Clive Gregson

produced by Bradley Kopp and Iain Mathews

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