IAN DURY 「New Boots And Panties!!」

IAN DURY 「New Boots And Panties!!」

 1.Wake Up And Make Love With Me(Dury-Jankel)
 2.Sweet Gene Vincent(Dury-Jankel)
 3.I'm Partial To Your Abracadabra(Dury-Jankel)
 4.My Old Man(Dury-Nugent)
 5.Billericay Dickie(Dury-Nugent)
 6.Clevor Trever(Dury-Jankel)
 7.If I Was With A Woman(Dury-Jankel)
 9.Plaistow Patricia(Dury-Nugent)
10.Blackmail Man(Dury-Nugent)
■Bonus Track for DEMON FIEND CD 63(Ian Dury Talks To Vinyl Mogul About This Record)■
11.Intro By Vinyl Mogul
12.Wake Up And Make Love With Me
13.Sweet Gene Vincent
14.Billericay Dickie
15.My Old Man
16.Clevor Trever
17.If I Was With A Woman
18.Plaistow Patricia
20.Blackmail Man
21.A Few Closing Words...An Ode To The Road
■Bonus Track for REPERTOIRE REP 4546-WY■
11.Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll(Dury-Jankel)
12.Razzle In My Pocket(Dury-Jankel)
13.Yure More Than Fair(Dury-Hardy)
14.Englands Glory(Live)(Dury) - IAN DURY AND THE KILBURNS
15.What A Waste(Dury-Melvin-Jankel)

IAN DURY 「Lord Upminster」

IAN DURY 「Lord Upminster」

 1.Funky Disco(Pops)
 4.Wait(For Me)
 5.The(Body Song)
 7.Trust(Is A Must)

All Compositions by Dury & Jankel
except 3 by Sly Dunbar
Produced by Chasz Jankel, Steven Stanley and Ian Dury

IAN DURY 「4000 Weeks Holiday」

IAN DURY 「4000 Weeks Holiday」

 1.(You're My) Inspiration(McEvoy/Dury)
 3.Tell Your Daddy(Melvin/Dury)
 4.Peter The Painter(McEvoy/Dury)
 5.Ban The Bomb(Hardy/Dury)
 6.Percy The Poet(McEvoy/Dury)
 7.Very Personal(Hardy/Dury)
 8.Take Me To The Cleaners(McEvoy/Dury)
 9.The Man With No Face(Hardy/Dury)
10.Really Glad You Came(McEvoy/Dury)

Produced by Adam Kidron

IAN DURY 「Apples」

イアン・デューリー 「アップルズ」

 2.Love Is All(Dury/Gallagher)
 3.Byline Browne(Dury/Gallagher)
 4.Bit Of Kit(Dury)
 5.Game On(Dury/Gallagher)
 6.Looking For Harry(Dury/Gallagher)
 7.England's Glory(Dury/Melvin)
 8.Bus Drivers' Prayer(Dury)
 9.PC Honey(Dury/Gallagher)
10.The Right People(Dury/Gallagher)
11.All Those Who Say Okay(Dury/Gallagher)
12.Riding The Outskirts Of Fantasy(Dury/Gallagher)

Produced by Horne, Gallagher & Dury

IAN DURY 「The Bus Drivers Prayer & Other Stories」

イアン・デューリー 「バス・ドライヴァーズ・プレイヤー」

 1.That's Enough Of That
 2.Bill Haley's Last Words
 3.Poor Joey
 4.Quick Quick Slow
 5.Fly In The Ointment
 7.Poo-Poo In The Prawn
 8.Have A Word
 9.London Talking
10.D'orine The Cow
11.Your Horoscope
12.No Such Thing As Love
13.Two Old Dogs Without A Name
14.Bus Driver's Prayer

THE BLOCKHEADS 「Straight From The Desk - 2」

ザ・ブロックヘッズ 「ストレイト・フロム・ザ・デスク2」

 1.Reasons To Be Cheerful(Part V)(Dury/Payne/Jankel)
 2.Feel The Funk(Turnbull/Jankel)
 3.I Believe(Dury/Gallagher)
 4.The Ballad Of The Sulphate Strangler(Dury/Jankel/Watt-Roy)
 5.One Love(Dury/Jankel)
 6.Clevor Trever(Dury/Jankel)
 8.Youre More Than Fair(Dury/Hardy)
 9.What A Waste(Dury/Melvin/Gallagher/Turnbull/Watt-Roy/Charles)
10.Books And Water(Dury/Jankel)
11.Sweet Gene Vincent(Dury/Jankel)
12.Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick(Dury/Jankel)

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