IZZY STRADLIN AND THE JU JU HOUNDS 「Izzy Stradlin And The Ju Ju Hounds」


 1.Somebody Knockin'(Izzy Stradlin/Jimmy Ashhurst)
 2.Pressure Drop(Frederick Hibbert)
 3.Time Gone By(Izzy Stradlin/Rick Richards)
 4.Shuffle It All(Izzy Stradlin/Jimmy Ashhurst)
 5.Bucket O'Trouble(Izzy Sttradlin)
 6.How Much(Izzy Sttradlin)
 7.Train Tracks(Izzy Sttradlin)
 8.How Will It Go(Izzy Sttradlin)
 9.Cuttin' The Rug(Izzy Sttradlin)
10.Take A Look At That Guy(Ronnie Wood)
11.Come On Now Inside

Produced by Izzy Stradlin and Eddie Ashworth
except 10 Produced by Alan Niven and Eddie Ashworth



 1.Ain't It A Bitch(Izzy Stradlin)
 2.Gotta Say(Izzy Stradlin)
 3.Memphis(Chuck Berry)
 4.Old Hat(Izzy Stradlin)
 5.Bleedin(Izzy Stradlin)
 6.Parasite(Izzy Stradlin)
 7.Good Enough(Izzy Stradlin)
 8.117°(Izzy Stradlin)
 9.Here Before You(Izzy Stradlin)
10.Up Jumped The Devil(Dawson/Koumis)
11.Grunt(Izzy Stradlin)
12.Freight Train(Izzy Stradlin)
13.Methanol(Izzy Stradlin/Rick Richards)
14.Surf Roach(Izzy Stradlin/Joe Isbell)

Produced by Eddie Ashworth and Izzy Stradlin
3, 7 Produced by Bill Price and Izzy Stradlin/additional production by Eddie Ashworth
6, 8, 10, 11, 13 Produced by Izzy Stradlin/additional production by Eddie Ashworth
14 Produced by Izzy Stradlin

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