ジョアンナ 完全盤

 1.Joanna-Main Title
 2.I'll Catch The Sun
 3.Run To Me, Fly To Me
 4.When Am I Ever Going Home?
 5.I'm Only Me
 6.I'll Catch The Sun    Vocal by ROD McKUEN
 7.Mississippi Sut La Seine
 8.Saturday Night In Knightsbridge
 9.Ain't You Glad You're Livin' Joe    Vocal by MICHAEL SARNE
10.Life Is A Bitch
11.Cas Is A Gas
12.Till We're Together Again
13.Walk Across London    Vocal by ROD McKUEN
14.John Wayne Has Left The Building
15.Peter's Theme・・・Before I DIe
16.Joannna & Clyde
17.Some August Day
18.Joanna Hits Town
19.I'm Only Me    Vocal by ROD McKUEN
20.Concerto For 4 Harpsichords
21.Joanna Does Dinner
22.Sunday Morning In Knightsbridge
23..Run To Me, Fly To Me    Vocal by ROD McKUEN
24.When Am I Ever Going Home?
25.Cas Is Tinkling…In The Next Apartment
26.Hello Heartaches    Vocal by BARBARA KAY
27.A Man And His Harmonica
28.Saturday Night In Knightsbridge    Vocal by ROD McKUEN
29.Joanna-End Title…Everybody On Stage!

Words & Music by Rod McKuen

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