GANGWAR 「Street Fighting(Live In Tront & Boston)」

ギャングウォー 「ストリート・ファイティング」

 1.Ramblin' Rose(Wilkin-Burch)
 2.London Boy(Rath-Lure-Thunders)
 3.These Boots Are Made for Walking(Hazlewood)
 5.The Harder They Come(Cliff)
 6.Endless Party(Johansen-Thunders)
 7.I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys(Richards Oldham)
 8.I'll Go Crazy(Brown)
 9.Hey Thanks(Kramer)
10.The Courageous Cat(Kane-Sylvain-Thunders)
11.Just Because I'm White(Thunders-Reed)〜Bright Light Big City(Thunders-Reed)
12.Around & Around(Berry)
13.The Harder They Come(Cliff)
14.Ten Commandments Of Love(Thunders)
15.Like A Rolling Stone(Dylan)
16.Endless Party(Johansen-Thunders)
17.Do You Love Me(B.Gordy Jr.)

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