LESLIE WEST 「Alligator」

レスリー・ウエスト 「アリゲーター」

 1.Sea Of Fire(George Cintron)
 2.Waiting For The F Change(Leslie West)
 3.Whiskey(Leslie West)
 4.Alligator(Leslie West)
 5.I Put A Spell On You(Screaming Jay Hawkins)
 6.All Of Me(Leslie West)
 7.The Stealer(Andy Fraser, Paul Kossoff & Paul Rodgers)
 8,Hall Of The Mountain King/Theme From Exodus(Grieg-Ernest Gold)
 9.Dream Lover(Bobby Darin)

Produced by Leslie West and Paul Orofino

LESLIE WEST 「As Phat As It Gets」

LESLIE WEST 「As Phat As It Gets」

 1.Saturation(I'm In Love With You)(L.West, Dookas)
 2.The Cell(L.West)
 3.Allergic(L.West, J.Tiven)
 4.Palace Of The King(D.Dunn, D.Nix, L.Russell)
 5.Stormy Monday(A.Walker)
 6.I Can't Shake It(L.West/J.Tiven/S.Tiven/T.Hambridge)
 8.Me And My Guitar(L.Russell, C.E.Blackwell)
 9.Dragon Lady(L.West/J.Tiven/S.Tiven)
10.Raw Nerve(L.West/J.Tiven/S.Tiven)
12.As Phat As It Gets(L.West, J.Tiven)

Produced by Ben Elliott & Leslie Weinstein

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