MARION WILLIAMS 「If We Ever Needed The Lord Before」

マリオン・ウィリアムス 「THE LORD」

 1.When Was Jesus Born(Traditional)
 2.Amazing Grace(Traditional)
 3.I'm Looking To Jesus(Traditional)
 4.Packin' Up(D.Love-C.Ward)
 5.He's Got The Whole World in His Hands(Traditional)
 6.O Come All Ye Faithful(Traditional)
 7.Joy To The World(Traditional)
 8.Peace In The Valley(T.Dorsey)
 9.Somebody Bigger Than You And I(J.Lange-H.Heath-S.Burke)
10.He'll Understand And Say Well Done(L.E.Campbell-J.R.Baxter Jr.)
11.Swing Low, Sweet Chariot(Traditional)
12.Michael, Row The Boat Ashore(Traditional)
13.I'm Going To Live The Life I Sing About In My Songs(T.Dorsey)
14.What Could I Do?(T.Dorsey)
15.Lord Will Make A Way Somehow(T.Dorsey)
16.If We Ever Needed The Lord Before(T.Dorsey)

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