MARTIN NEWELL 「The Greatest Living Englishman」

 マーティン・ニューウェル 「グレーテスト・リヴィング・イングリッシュマン」    MARTIN NEWELL 「The Greatest Living Englishman」
 <MDCP-4027>    <PIPECD 002>

 1.Goodbye Dreaming Fields
 2.Before The Hurricane
 3.We'll Build A House
 4.The Greatest Living Englishman
 5.She Rings The Changes
 6.Home Counties Boy
 7.A Street Called Prospect
 8.Christmas In Suburbia
 9.Straight To You Boy
10.The Jangling Man
11.The Green-Gold Girl Of The Summer
12.An Englishman's Home Heroes
13.Elizabeth Of Mayhem<Bonus Track for MDCP-4027>
14.Why My Ship Comes In<Bonus Track for MDCP-4027>

All songs and Music by Martin Newell
Produced and Engineered by Andy Partridge

MARTIN NEWELL 「Let's Kiosk!」

マーティン・ニューウェル 「レッツ・キヨスク!」

 1.The Jangling Man
 2.Former Phone-box Vandal
 4.I Will Haunt Your Room

All songs and Music by Martin Newell
1 Produced by Andy Partridge
2, 3, 4 Produced by Martin Newell

MARTIN NEWELL 「The Off White Album」

マーティン・ニューウェル 「ザ・オフホワイト・アルバム」

 1.Call Me Michael Moonlight
 2.The World Of Dandy Leigh
 3.Arcadian Boys
 4.The Blue Beret
 5.Ursula In The Waiting Room
 6.When The Damsons Are Down
 7.Lions Drunk On Sunlight
 8.Miss Van Houtens Coffee Shoppe
 9.She Was Never Drowning
10.Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
11.Queen Phyllis Of Colchester
12.Goodnight Country Girl
13.The Girls In The Flat Upstairs

Written by Martin Newell
except 10 by Morrissey/Marr
Produced by Louis Philippe

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