MARTIN NEWELL 「The Greatest Living Englishman」

 マーティン・ニューウェル 「グレーテスト・リヴィング・イングリッシュマン」    MARTIN NEWELL 「The Greatest Living Englishman」
 <MDCP-4027>    <PIPECD 002>

 1.Goodbye Dreaming Fields
 2.Before The Hurricane
 3.We'll Build A House
 4.The Greatest Living Englishman
 5.She Rings The Changes
 6.Home Counties Boy
 7.A Street Called Prospect
 8.Christmas In Suburbia
 9.Straight To You Boy
10.The Jangling Man
11.The Green-Gold Girl Of The Summer
12.An Englishman's Home Heroes
13.Elizabeth Of Mayhem<Bonus Track for MDCP-4027>
14.Why My Ship Comes In<Bonus Track for MDCP-4027>

All songs and Music by Martin Newell
Produced and Engineered by Andy Partridge

MARTIN NEWELL 「Let's Kiosk!」

マーティン・ニューウェル 「レッツ・キヨスク!」

 1.The Jangling Man
 2.Former Phone-box Vandal
 4.I Will Haunt Your Room

All songs and Music by Martin Newell
1 Produced by Andy Partridge
2, 3, 4 Produced by Martin Newell

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