ミランダ・セックス・ガーデン 「マドラ」

 1.Seek Sweet Content(John Wilby)
 2.While Joyful Springtime Lasteth(Henry Yowill)
 3.Through Philomela Lost Her Love(Thomas Morley)
 4.Go Wailing Accents(John Ward)
 5.Gush Forth My Tears(William Holborne)
 6.Fly Not So Far(John Ward)
 7.The Nightengale(Thomas Bateson)
 8.Lady Those Eyes(Thomas Morley)
 9.Through My Carriage Be But Careless(Thomas Weelkes)
10.All Creatures Now Are Merry Minded(John Bennet)
11.Fall Fathom Five(Robert Johnson)
12.See Amaryllis Shamed(Micharel East)
13.It Was A Lover And His Lass(Thomas Morley
14.Those Sweet Delightful Lilies(Thomas Weelkes)
15.AH, Look Upon These Eyes(Palestrina)
16.If It Be Love(John Hilton)
17.Away, Thou Shalt Not Love Me(John Wilby)
18.How Merrily We Live(Micharel East)
19.Sweet Kate
20.This Love Is A But A Wanton Fit(Thomas Morley)
21.Sure There Is No God Of Love(Thomas Tpkins)
22.See Mine Own Sweet Jewel(Thomas Morley)
23.When First I Saw Thee(Walter Porter)
24.The Silver Swan(Orland Gibbons)
25.Sweet Honey Sucking Bees(John Wilby)

Recorded & Produced by Tony Faulkner

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ