NINE BELOW ZERO 「Hot Music For A Cold Night」

ナイン・ビロウ・ゼロ 「オン・ザ・ロード・アゲイン」

 1.On The Road Again(Jones/Wilson)
 2.No More The Blues(Greaves/Feltham)
 4.Much Too Much(Greaves/Feltham)
 5.Doin' Fine(O'Neil/Feltham/Greaves/McAvoy)
 6.Mama Talk To Your Daughter(Trad. arr./N.B.Z.)
 7.Cold Cruel Heart(Greaves/Feltham)
 8.Sweet Little Heart(Greaves//Feltham/Greaves/O'Neil)
 9.Hard Goin' Up(Twice As Hard Coming Down) (Bettye/Crutcher)
10.Sioux's Shoes(Greaves//Feltham/Greaves/O'Neil)
11.The Bird(McEvoy/Feltham/Greaves/O'Neil)

Produced by Nine Below Zero

NINE BELOW ZERO 「Hot Music For A Cold Night」

NINE BELOW ZERO 「Hot Music For A Cold Night」

 1.Burn Love(Dennis Greaves/Mick Lister)
 2.Badtown Blues(Dennis Greaves/Gerry McAvoy/Brendon O'Neill/Alan Glen/Andy Giddings)
 3.Thieves In The Night(Dennis Greaves/Mick Lister)
 4.I've Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)(Ronnie Shannon)
 5.Jump Back Baby(Dennis Greaves/Gerry McAvoy/Alan Glen/Brendon O'Neil)
 6.She Gives Me The Shakes(Dennis Greaves/Mick Lister/Gerry McAvoy/Alan Glen/Brendon O'Neil)
 7.Soft Touch(Dennis Greaves/Mick Lister/Mick Ralphs)
 8.Bleeding Heart(Pat MacDonald)
 9.Satellite Blues(Dennis Greaves/Gerry McAvoy/Brendon O'Neill/Jeff Everett)
10.Down In The Dirt Again(Dennis Greaves/Mick Lister/Gerry McAvoy/Brendon O'Neil)
11.Hangman In The Sand(Dennis Greaves/Glen Tilbrook)

2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 Produced by Nine Below Zero
4 Produced by Ian Taylor
1, 3, 8, 11 Produced by Nine Below Zero and Curtis Schwartz

NINE BELOW ZERO 「Ice Stationb Zebro」

 1.The Blues Moved In,When You Moved Out(D.Greaves, M.Modern, G.McAvoy, B.O'Neil)
 2.Shut Up(D.Greaves, M.Hudson, P.MacDonald)
 3.Down By The River(D.Greaves, N.Kershaw)
 4.Half The Time(D.Greaves, P.MacDonald, Holland)
 5.She's A Loaded Gun(D.Greaves, N.Kershaw)
 6.It's Nothing New(A.Glen, G.McAvoy, B.O'Neil, D.Greaves)
 7.21st Century R & B(D.Greaves, M.Modern, G.McAvoy, B.O'Neil)
 8.See Which Way The Wind Blows(B.O'Neill, G.McAvoy D.Greaves, M.Modern,)
 9.One Foot In Heaven, One Foot In Hell(G.McAvoy, D.Greaves, M.Modern, B.O'Neil)
10.Little Russell Street(M.Hudson, B,O'Neil, G.McAvoy, D.Greaves)

Produced by Mark Hudson

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ