PLAYER 「Best Of Player」

プレイヤー 「ベイビー・カム・バック〜ベスト・オブ・プレイヤー」

 1.Baby Come Back(P.Beckett/J.C.Crowley)
 2.Givin It All(P.Beckett)
 3.I Just Wanna Be With You(P.Beckett)
 4.Let Me Down Easy(J.C.Crowley)
 5.I've Been Thinking(P.Beckett/J.C.Crowley)
 6.Tryin To Write A Hit Song(R.L.Mahonin)
 7.This Time I'm In It For Love(S.Pippin/L.Keith)
 8.It's For You(P.Beckett)
 9.Bad News Travels Fast(P.Beckett/D.Lambert)
10.Who Do You Think You Are(P.Beckett)
11.Uoside Down Again(P.Beckett)
12.Prisoner Of Your Love(P.Beckett/J.C.Crowley)
13.Wait Until Tomorrow(P.Beckett/J.C.Crowley)
14.Every Which Way(J.C.Crowley/P.Beckett)
15.Silver Lining(P.Beckett)

PLAYER 「The Best Of Player: Baby Come Back」

PLAYER 「The Best Of Player: Baby Come Back」

 1.Baby Come Back(Peter Beckett/John Crowley)
 2.This Time I'm In It For Love(Steve .Pippin/Larry Keith)
 3.Melanie(J.Crocker aka Peter Beckett)
 4.Prisoner Of Your Love(P.Beckett/J.C.Crowley)
 5.I've Been Thinking(Peter Beckett/John Crowley)
 6.Wait Until Tomorrow(Peter Beckett/John Crowley)
 7.Givin It All(Peter Beckett)
 8.Who Do You Think You Are(Peter Beckett)
 9.It's For You(Peter
10.Bad News Travels Fast(Peter Beckett/Dennis Lambert)
11.It Looks Could Kill(Peter Beckett/Dennis Lambert)
12.Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid(Peter Beckett/Dennis Lambert)
13.It Only Hurts When I Breath(Peter Beckett/Dennis Lambert)
14.Beautiful Love(Moss/Shattuck/Rustichelli)
15.Footprints In The Sand(Peter Beckett/John Parker)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Produced by Lambert & Potter
7, 8, 9, 10 Produced by Beckett & Peluso
11, 12, 13 Produced by Lambert
14 Produced by Moss & Beckett
15 Produced by Bekket & Parker

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