サム・ブラウン 「ストップ」

 1.Walking Back To Me(Sam Brown and Gregg Sutton)
 2.Your Love Is All(Sam Brown and Margo Buchanan)
 3.Stop(Sam Brown, Gregg Sutton and Bruce Brody)
 4.It Makes Me Wonder(Sam Brown and Margo Buchanan)
 5.This Feeling(Sam Brown and Margo Buchanan)
 6.Tea(Sam Brown)
 7.Piece Of My Luck(Sam Brown)
 8.Ball And Chain(Sam Brown and Danny Schogger)
 9.Wrap Me Up(Sam Brown and Danny Schogger)
10.I'll Be In Love(Sam Brown and Danny Schogger)
11.Merry Go Round(Sam Brown and Vicki Brown)
12.Sometimes You Just Don't Know(Sam Brown, David Malloy and Richard Brennan)

Produced by Pete Brown and Sam Brown
4 Produced and Engineered by Pete Smith
9 Produced by Sam Brown, Danny Schogger, Pete Brown and John Madden

SAM BROWN 「April Moon」

SAM BROWN 「April Moon」

 1.April Moon(Sam Brown)
 2.With A Little Love(Margo Buchanan and Sam Brown)
 3.Midworks(Richard Newman and Sam Brown)
 4.Kissing Gate(Sam Brown, Pete Brown, Paul Bangash, Sara Jones and Tina Warrilow)
 5.Where You Are(Pete Brown, Sam Brown and Paul Bangash)
 6.Contradictions(Danny Schogger and Sam Brown)
 7.Once In Your Life(Sam Brown and Gregg Sutton)
 8.Hypnotised(Pete Brown and Sam Brown)
 9.As One(Sam Brown and Margo Buchanan)
10.Eye For An Eye(Danny Schogger and Sam Brown)
11.Troubled Soul(Pete Brown, Paul Bangash and Sam Brown)
12.S'envoler(Emmanuelle De La Lubie, Sam Brown)
13.Henry(Pete Brown, Paul Bangash and Sam Brown)
14.Pride And Joy(Ian Maidman, Pete Brown and Sam Brown)
15.Now And Forever(Pete Brown, Matthew Seligman and Sam Brown)
16.The Way I Love You(R.Shannon)

Produced by Pete Brown and Sam Brown

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