SIZE U 「Foundation Of Love」

サイズU 「ファウンデーション・オブ・ラヴ」

 1.Ooh Child(S.Vincent)
 2.Unchangeable Love(D.Brown)
 3.Least We Forget(David Minott)
 4.Can't Harm Them(Fitz Livermore, C.Browne)
 5.Rise Up(P.Hall, R.Hall, C.Browne)
 6.True Love(C.Browne, R.Hall, D.Browne, W.Johnson) feat. 10%
 7.I Don't Want It To Rain(Andre "Magnet" Wilks, C. Browne, R.Hall)
 8.Baby Come Back(P.Beckett, J.C.Crowley)
 9.Jah Is The Spirit(R.Hall, P.Hall, C.Browne,W.Johnson)
 10.Pretty Looks(Earl Morgan)
 11Unchangeable Love(D.Brown)<Altternate Mix)
12.Ooh Child'(S.VVincent)<Dub Mix>
13..Can't Harm Them(Fitz Livermore, C.Browne) <Dub Mix>

All Tracks Produced by Steely& Clevie

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ