SYD STRAW 「Surprise」

シド・ストロー 「サプライズ」

 1.Think Too Hard(Peter Holsapple)
 2.Heart Of Darkness(Syd Straw and Anthony Moore)
 3.Chasing Vapor Trails (His Turn To Cry)(Syd Straw and Frank Fuchs)
 4.Almost Magic(Matthew Auerbach and Syd Straw)
 5.Crazy American(Syd Straw and Anthony Moore)
 6.Hard Times(Stephen Foster)
 7.Future 40's (String Of Pearls)(Syd Straw, Michael Stipe and Jody Harris)
 8.The Unanswered Question?(Syd Straw and Peter Blegvad)
 9.Sphinx(Peter Blegvad and Syd Straw)
10.Racing To The Ruins(Syd Straw and Brook Meggs)
11.Golden Dreams(Danielk Lanois and Syd Straw)

1, 2, 5, 9 Produced by Syd Straw and Anthony Moore
3, 4, 7, 8, 10 Produced by Syd Straw
6 Produced by Syd Straw and Van Dyke Parks
11 Produced by Daniel Lanois

SYD STRAW 「War And Peace」

SYD STRAW 「War And Peace」

 1.The Toughest Girl In The World
 2.Million Miles
 3.Time Has Done This
 4.Love, And The Lack of It
 6.All Things Change
 8.Almost As Blue
 9.Water, Please
13.Black Squirrel
14.Train That Takes You Away

All songs written by Syd Straw
1 written by S.Straw and D.Conway
2 written by S.Straw and J.Napolitano
5 written by S.Straw and T.Key-T.Harris
Produced by Syd Straw

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