TODD SNIDER 「Songs For The Daily Planet」

TODD SNIDER 「Songs For The Daily Planet」

 1.My Generation(Part 2)
 2.Easy Money
 3.That Was Me
 4.This Land Is Our Land
 5.Alright Guy
 6.I Spoke As A Child
 7.Turn It Up
 9.Alot More
10.You Think You Know Somebody
11.Somebody's Coming
12.Joe's Blues

All songs written by Todd Snider
Produced by Tony Brown and Michael Utley

TODD SNIDER 「Step Right Up」

トッド・スナイダー 「ステップ・ライト・アップ」

 1.Elmo And Henry(T.Snider)
 2.I Believe You(T.Snider)
 3.Side Show Blues(T.Snider)
 5.T.V. Guide(T.Snider)
 6.Hey Hey(T.Snider)
 7.Moon Dawg's Tavern(T.Snider, J.Mariencheck)
 8.Prison Walls(T.Snider)
 9.Horseshoe Lake(T.Snider, W.Kimbrough)
10.It All Adds Up(T.Snider)
12.Late Last Night(T.Snider)
13.24 Hours A Day(T.Snider, K.Finaly)
14.Better Than Ever Part 2(T.Snider)

Produced by Michael Utley, Tony Brown and Todd Snider

TODD SNIDER 「Viva Satellite」

トッド・スナイダー 「ビバ・サテライト」

 1.Rocket Fuel
 2.Yesterdays And Used To Be's
 3.The Joker
 4.I Am Too
 5.I Am Two
 6.Out All Night
 8.Can't Complain
 9.Positively Negative
10.Once He Finds Us
12.Comin' Down
13.Never Let Me Down
14.Doublewide Blues
  〜Nervous Wreck<hidden Track>

All Songs Written by Todd Snider
1, 4, 5 Written by Todd Snider and Will Kimbrough
3 Written by Steve Miller, Eddie Curtis and Ahmet Ertegun
11 Written by Will Kimbrough
All Songs Produced and Recorded by John Hampton

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