TOM ROBINSON BAND 「Power In The Darkness」

トム・ロビンソン・バンド 「パワー・イン・ザ・ダークネス」

 1.2-4-6-8 Motorway(Robinson)
 2.Up Against The Wall(Robinson/Butterfield)
 3.Grey Cortina(Robinson)
 4.Too Good To Be True(Taylor/Robinson)
 5.Ain't Gonna Take It(Kustow/Robinson)
 6.Long Hot Summer(Robinson)
 7.The Winter Of '79(Kustow/Taylor/Ambler/Robinson)
 8.Man You Never Saw(Ambler/Robinson)
 9.Better Decide Which Side You're On(Robinson)
10.You Gotta Survive(Ambler/Robinson)
11.Power In The Darkness(Ambler/Robinson)

Produced by Chris Thomas
except 1 Produced by Vick Maile
Engineered by Bill Price

TOM ROBINSON 「The Collection 1977-'87」

TOM ROBINSON 「The Collection 1977-'87」

 1.2-4-6-8 Motorway(T.Robinson)
 2.Grey Cortina(T.Robinson)
 3.Don't Take No For An Answer(T.Robinson)
 5.Too Good To Be True(T.Robinson/Brian Taylor)
 6.Up Against The Wall(T.Robinson/Roy Butterfield)
 7.Bully For You(T.Robinson/Peter Gabriel)
 8.War Baby(T.Robinson)
 9.Atmospherics: Listen To The Radio(T.Robinson/Peter Gabriel)
10.Never Gonna Fall In Love(Again)(T.Robinson/Elton John)
11.Back In The Old Country(T.Robinson)
12.Old Friend(T.Robinson)
13.Glad To Be Gay '87(T.Robinson)
14.Still Loving You(T.Robinson/Paul Harvey)


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