V.A. 「Tommy Boy Rap '90」

V.A. 「トミー・ボーイ ラップ'90」

 1.Buddy(Native Tongue Devision) - DE LA SOUL
 2.Say No Go(New Kick Mix) - DE LA SOUL
 3.Eye Know(The Know It All Mix) - DE LA SOUL
 4.The Magic Number(1-2-3 Mix) - DE LA SOUL
 5.The Humpty Dance(Mini Hump Radio Mix) - DIGITAL UNDERGROUND
 6.Doowutchyalike(New Mix) - DIGITAL UNDERGROUND
 8.Come Into My House(DJ Mark/Queen Latifah Mix) - QUEEN LATIFAH
 9.Ledies First(The Crazy Extended 45 King Remix) - QUEEN LATIFAH
10.Mama Gave Birth To The Soul CHildren(12 Inch Mix) - QUEEN LATIFAH
11.Speaking Of A Giel Named Suzy(Full Mix) - STETSASONIC
12.Anytime, Anyplace - STETSASONIC
13.Swollen Pockets(Egg Fu Young Vocal) - PHASE N' RHYTHM
14.Hook-N-Sling(1/2 Fried Chicken Vocals) - PHASE N' RHYTHM

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