TWINKLE 「Golden Lights」

トゥインクル 「Twinkle」

 2.The Boy Of My Dreams(Scott)
 3.Golden Lights(L.Ripley)
 4.Ain't Nobody Home But Me(Scott)
 6.So Sad(Scott)
 7.A Lonely Singing Doll(Gainsbourg/Scott/Martin)
 8.Unhappy Boy(L.Ripley)
 9.Poor Old Johnny(L.Ripley)
10.I Need Your Hand In Mine(Scott)
11.The End Of The World(Dee/Kent)
12.Take Me To The Dance(Scott)
13.What Am I Doing Here With You(Sloan/Barri)
14.Now I Have You(Scott)
16.Darby & Joan(L.Ripley)
17.Soldier's Dream(Helmer/Foucher)

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