V.A. 「Rockamaniacs: Neo Rockabilly Best Collection」

V.A. 「ロカマニアックス ネオ・ロカビリー・ベスト・コレクション」

 1.Rockabilly Guy - POLECATS
 2.Doghouse - THE ROCKATS
 3.Edge On You - RESTLESS
 4.New Generation - THE QUAKES
 5.I Fought The Law - THE RAZORBACKS
 6.Ice Cold - RESTLESS
 7.Boys Are Backing In Town - COLBERT HAMILTON
 8.Rollin' Like A Wheel - THE ROCKATS
 9.Jitterbuggin' Baby - JETS
10.Bottle On The Beach - RESTLESS
11.Walk Like Egyptian - NINE LIVES
12.Galluping Man - THE BLUE CATS
13.Big Green Car - POLECATS
14.Road To Paradise - RESTLESS
15.Back To The Beat - BACKBEATS
16.Open Up Your Heart - JETS
17.Eighteen Miles From Memphis - THE RAZORBACKS
18.Wild Dogs Of Kentuckey - THE BLUE CATS
19.La Woman - WILD
20.Stranded In The Street - THE QUAKES
21.Rockin' All Nite - POLECATS
22.Radar Love - RESTLESS
23.Love You Anyway - THE ROCKATS

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