V.A. 「The Slide Guitar Bottles, Knives & Steel Vol.2」

V.A. 「スライド・ギターVOL.2」

 1.Moanin' The Blues - ALLEN SHAW
 2.Slow Mama Slow - SAM COLLINS
 3.Decatur Street 81 - THE GEORGIA BROWNS
 4.Where The Sweet Old Oranges Grow - SAM MONTGOMERY
 5.Low In Mind Blues - SAM MONTGOMERY
 6.Midnight Weeping Blues - NELLIE FLORENCE
 7.Dead Cats On The Line - TAMPA RED and GEORGIA TOM
 8.Things 'Bout Coming My Way - TAMP RED
 9.Caught Us Doing It - THE HOKUM BOYS
10.Cross-Eyed Blues - HELEN HUMES
11.Alligator Blues - HELEN HUMES
12.Jealous Hearted Man - BUDDY MOSS
13.Hard Times Blues - BUDDY MOSS
14.Things 'Bout Coming My Way No..2 - TAMPA RED
15.No Matter How She Done It - TAMPA RED and GEORGIA TOM
16.Toad Frog Blues - WALTER BEASLEY
17.Hard Road Blues - BUDDY MOSS
18.Big Fat Mama - PAPA TOO SWEET
19.Western Bound Blues - TAMPA RED(The Guitar Wizard)
20.Sugar Mama Blues(No.1) - TAMPA RED

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