YESHEMABETH 「The Mother Of All Nation」

ヤシマベス 「レッツ・トーク・アバウト・イット」

 1.Let's Talk About It1(Y.McGregor)
 3.Shame(Y.McGregor - J.Forde - D.Bennett) with DELTA
 4.Swept Away(Y.McGregor)
 5.Love Me For A Reason(B.J.William - B.Wade - J.Jr.David)
 6.Now & Forever(Y.McGregor)  with PAUL "LYMIE" MURRAY
 7.I Love Ya(Y.McGregor)
 8.Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow(G.Goffin - C.King)
 9.The Groove(Y.McGregor)
10.Street People(B.Treasure)
11.Dancing In The Rain(Y.McGregor - K.Butt)  with GENERAL DEGREE
12.I Won't Give Up(Y.McGregor)

Producers: Freddie McGregor, Noel Browne, Yeshemabeth McGregor, Jermaine Forde, Micky Spice Johnson, Dalton Browne, Oie Fung Records

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