ADRIAN BELEW 「Desire Caught By The Tail」

ADRIAN BELEW 「Desire Caught By The Tail」

 1.Tango Zebra
 2.Laughing Man
 3.The Gypsy Zurna
 4.Portrait Of Margaret
 5.Beach Creatures Dancing Like Cranes
 6.At The Seaside Cafe

All songs written by Adrian Belew
Produced and arranged by Adrian Belew

ADRIAN BELEW 「Mr.Music Head」

エイドリアン・ブリュー 「ミスター・ミュージック・ヘッド」

 1.Oh Daddy
 2.House Of Cards
 3.One Of Those Days
 5.Bad Days
 6.Peaceable Kingdom
 7.Hot Zoo
 8.Motor Bungalow
 9.Bumpity Bump
10.Bird In A Box
12.Cruelty To Animals

All songs written by Adrian Belew
except 4 written by Stan Hertzman
Produced by Adrian Belew

ADRIAN BELEW 「The Acoustic」

エイドリアン・ブリュー 「アコースティック」

 1.The Lone Rhinoceros
 2.Peace On Earth
 3.The Man In The Moon
 4.The Rail Song
 5.If I Fell
 6.Burned By The Fire We Make
 7.Matte Kudasai
 8.Dream Life
 9.Old Fat Cadillac
11.Martha Adored

All songs written by Adrian Belew
5 by Lennon/McCartney
7 by Belew/Bruford/Fripp/Levin
10 by Orbison/Melson
Performed and Produced by Adrian Belew

THE BEARS 「Rise And Shine」

THE BEARS 「Rise And Shine」

 1.Aches And Pains(Fetters)
 2.Save Me(Belew & Fetters)
 3.Robobo's Beef(Nyswonger)
 4.Not Worlds Apart(Nyswonger)
 5.Nobody's Fool(Belew, Fetters & Nyswonger)
 6.Highway 2(Arduser, Belew, Fetters & Nyswonger)
 7.Little Blue River(Arduser)
 8.Rabbit Manor(Nyswonger)
 9.Holy Mack(Belwe & Fetters)
10.Complicated Potatoes(Belew)
11.You Can Buy Friends(Fetters)
12.The Best Laid Plans(Belew)
13.Old Fat Cadillac(Belew)
14.Girl With Clouds(Arduser, Belew, Fetters & Nyswonger)
15.Man Behind The Curtain(Belew, Fetters & Nyswonger)
16.Figure It Out(Arduser, Belew, Fetters & Nyswonger)

Produced by Adrian Belew

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