ADVENTURES IN STEREO 「Adventures In Stereo」

アドヴェンチャーズ・イン・ステレオ 「アドヴェンチャーズ・イン・ステレオ」
■Marina(Germany)盤■ ■日本盤■

 1.Waves On<Bonus Track for Japan Only>
 2.Underground Sound
 3.Cry Your Love Away
 4.Attic Walk
 5.Summer High
 6.13th Floor
 8.There Was A Time
10.Good Times
11.Don't You Worry Little One
12.When We Go Back
14.When Times Were Young
15.Close to You
16.Remain Again
17.My Buddy Go
18.Pretty Things
19.We'll Meet Again

ADVENTURES IN STEREO 「Alternative Stereo Sounds」

アドヴェンチャーズ・イン・ステレオ 「オルタナティヴ・ステレオ・サウンズ」

 1.Silence Falls
 2.Down In The Traffic
 3.I Once Knew
 4.When You're Gone
 5.Out Of Sight
 7.A Brand New Day
 8.Here Together
 9.Said You Said
10.Hang Out
11.This Time
12.Dominique K
13.Dream Surf Baby
14.O Sister
15.I See
16.Catch My Soul
17.Long Live You
18.Silence Is
19.Down In The City<Bonus Track>

All songs composed, arranged, written and produced by James Beattie

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ