AIR 「Moon Safari」

AIR 「Moon Safari」

 1.La Femme D'Argent(J.B.Dunckel - N.Godin)
 2.Sexy Boy(J.B.Dunckel - N.Godin)
 3.All I Need(Beth Hirsch/J.B.Dunckel - N.Godin)
 4.Kelly Watch The Stars(J.B.Dunckel - N.Godin)
 5.Talisman(J.B.Dunckel - N.Godin)
 6.Remember(J.J. Perrey - J.B.Dunckel - N.Godin)
 7.You Make It Easy(Beth Hirsch/J.B.Dunckel - N.Godin)
 8.Ce Matin La(J.B.Dunckel - N.Godin - P.Woodcock)
 9.New Star In The Sky(Chanson Pour Solal)(J.B.Dunckel - N.Godin)
10.Voyage De Penelope(J.B.Dunckel - N.Godin)

AIR 「Pocket Symphony」

エアー 「ポケット・シンフォニー」

 1.Space Maker
 2.Once Upon A Time
 3.Hell Of A Party
 4.Napalm Love
 5.Mayfair Song
 6.Left Bank
 8.Mer Du Japon
 9.Lost Message
10.Somewhere Between Waking And Sleeping
11.Redhead Girl
12.Night Sight
13.Time Capsule<Bonus Track for Japan>

Written by J.B.Dunckel & Nicolas Godin
3 Lyrics by Jarvis Cocker
10 Lyrics by Neil Hannon & Javis Cocker
Produced by Nigel Godrich and Air

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ